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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shot by Satellites!

Shot by Satellite
   This is a hell of a winter to be living in a car! (pun intended) But I'm still alive. It appears that my statements about the microwave targeting coming from satellites is triggering anger in those who target us. My computer was destroyed as I tried to add this to the Heart Bud, a while ago. And now that I have added it to the one page paper I pass out, things are getting a bit heated again.
   I'm getting angry outbursts from gang stalkers, 5 dead animals on the road I traveled this morning, heavy microwaves through the past three nights, and steady painful torture levels of microwaves aimed into my head through this morning!
   How do I know that some of the electronic harassment is indeed coming directly from satellites? The answers are many, but three are; 1.) the melted circles on the rear window of my car when I am being hit at night (while sleeping in the back seat) Beyond my body and the point where the microwaves are entering my vehicle is nothing but wide open sky. 2.) When I first started figuring this part of it out, a few years ago, was when a military man pulled into a parking lot next to me and proceeded to yell out, "You keep testing! You know what is going to happen if you don't stand down!" 
   3.) I have also had dreams, which date back to the early 1990s, and reveal attacks (like light beams) from satellites. And my nephew had approached me in 2002 with a dream that showed a "silver box in the sky aiming beams of something" at his twin sister who'd been in the Coast Guard. I had no idea what it meant then, but surely do now. The Truth is the Truth and it needs to be known, because too many are being hurt by criminal use of these technologies.  Our lives matter too! Its just all too wrong.
   Yes, targeting also takes place from more localized types of microwave weapons. But I think that a lot of it comes from satellites and is performed at strategic times, just to make the target THINK that it is coming from someone, or something, else. I have tested this to the max and am 200% sure of being shot by laser weapons and microwaved from the sky. 
Please print and pass out these two papers;

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P.S.(June 4, 2014) Oddly, I had forgotten about technologies like SURA and HAARP, which can also shoot radio waves  from space. It may be that these are being used in conjunction with satellites. Either way, the radio waves - lasers - psychotronics...etc., ARE INDEED coming from the sky and can maneuver - coming at me from different angles and directions, in the same ways that satellite surveillance systems do. I know of no other technology that can do this. People say its "not satellites" but then what else  can do what I have honestly and Truly experienced?