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Monday, March 24, 2014

Psychotronic Suction – worse than a physical death

This sounds a bit crazy, even to me, but I feel a need to share it anyway.

 Far worse than a physical death. . .is the process of
destroying the creative/spiritual part of our brains.

(Resulting brain damage is the inability to do creative visualization.)

Some are victims of the world's worst 'mad scientists' - and if the rest of humanity does not quickly find the HEART, and the COURAGE, to face this devastating reality, and stand up to help expose it and bring it to an end, the results could eventually be unthinkable, literally, for ALL of humanity.

I know that this will be the hardest thing for people to believe, but I have had prophetic dreams, which show technologies that can actually suck the life force energy out of us. . .and that this is being done to people, possibly primarily those who are gifted in certain ways - either spiritually or intellectually. 
   What do they do with our essence/energy? I do not know the full story. But, according to my insights, they are storing it in large glass tubes at some sort of science facility.
   How do we convince enough people that psychotronic weapons not only exist, but can also do far more dangerous things than mind control? How do we get people to realize that built into at least some satellites are the most dangerous things that humanity will ever have to face and be protected from? And FACE IT we MUST, because allowing this to continue is worse than allowing mass murders or any other form of physical torture. This silent and relentless destruction of the very essence of our being is so horrible that words seem ineffective in the process of trying to describe it.
   Last summer I'd hit a point of realizing the FULL scope of this part of psychotronic weapon attacks. . .and then was targeted so heavily that I forgot until last night, when I was again forced to face this devastating reality. (I know a woman whom this happened to.)

I beg you to do everything you can to help prevent
these crimes from continuing, RIGHT NOW!

   In the past couple years I have talked to other Targeted Individuals who seemed so mechanical and so void of feelings that I assumed they were perpetrators. I was partially wrong. It appears that part of their brains have already been removed/destroyed and that they were victims first. And only God knows how many unaware people this has happened to. Probably far more than those who have become aware. (I remember my oldest sister stating that she was not able to visualize anything. . .and this is one of the symptoms of this sort of brain damage. It literally removes the creative/spiritual part of our brain.)
   I have never had any problem with visualizations, in fact I've been extremely creative, all my life. This has been my salvation through this targeting - I close my eyes and See God's Light shining down on me. But lately it feels like that part of me is fading away, especially at times like yesterday when I was hit hard with psychotronic weapon attacks. This and other forms of warnings are revealing the gravity of this situation.
    I have never felt so scared and so trapped and so hurt in my life! I know of no one who'd believe me or be able to help me in the ways I need it. There seems no way out of, and no protection from, this destruction process, where those who target us are also the ones who zoom in to "help."
    Last year I repeatedly leaped into what appeared to be avenues of covert help, but all of them lead to dead ends, which added to the harassment, through filling me with disappointment and confusion, and sent angry messages that seemed to come from jealousy and competitiveness instead of True help, over and over again. . .until I had to let go of the whole process, in order to preserve my own sanity. (Lately they told me that the person who was trying to help me gave up on me, but I think this is also probably just to make me feel as abandoned as the rest of the whole perpetrating "help" process had already accomplished.)

   My situation is no longer a process of me only trying to help humanity to see and care and do something to help ALL of us. Its become a fight for my own life that I have no tools or defense for and this is more frustrating than words can even begin to express. (I'm thinking that perhaps meditation will help, but doing this while being targeted is a challenge to say the least.)
   I am in need protection from ALL aspects of the targeting, including the harassment and confusion and anger inducing program that is performed by localized covert harassment groups, because they heavily aid this destruction process.
   While my heart and soul cries, this morning, my mind is asking questions; How do we get help when people assume that we are "just mentally ill" or that its all just "drama" or fabricated or "science fiction" or too 'out there' to believe? This is the common Targeted Individual dilemma. Even if these technologies were realized, who can believe those of us who have already been so heavily terrorized that an intentional "cry wolf" scenario has been created, in order to prevent help while they continue destroying us?
   Are there any people, aside from primary Targeted Individuals and perpetrators, who can FULLY understand the scope of what is happening to us, and that it is FAR WORSE than just psychological harassment, attempts at mind control or physical death? How many more of us will be inconspicuously destroyed before our media and governments realize what is happening and stand up for us? How long? I had a dream, which said, "A door will open for you AFTER they finish removing something from you." This scares me. I do not want to end up brain damaged!

P.S. This morning I realized that last year, when I shared this dream with those who have me under surveillance, was when I got hit hard with extremely angry and jealous messages as well as vamped up targeting that got so severe that I forgot it all.
   Some of those messages were, "I am doing my thing first," as I was blocked from the internet. And "I want credit," and accusations of my "looking for fame" or recognition...etc. It appears that one of the perpetrators was the one who REALLY wanted to steal credit. How sad that this heartless competition exists at such a time. . .and that it is just hurting us more.
   I am getting a lot of threats lately. Among the most recent, "She's going to die in a room" and "They want to rename my street coffin street." And the sad Truth is that its already been happening - the worse kind of death - the theft/destruction of the most important part of my brain and it may soon be too late to save me from it. I feel so hurt that it soars beyond words.
   I feel like I have only two choices - to go into the woods (eliminating the localized harassment part of the targeting) and see if I can combat this on a spiritual level. . . or keep going in circles waiting for the monetary miracle that would help me to bypass the sabotaging of my work, so that I can take off with the Heart Bud and help inform the rest of humanity until enough of us find the Heart and the Courage to openly STAND UP and stop these crimes. I have decided that I must do the best I can to continue with the Heart Bud, although it appears completely impossible at this point. Would you please help me to help humanity? Below is a shortened eight page "special edition" of the Heart Bud that can be printed for less. . .

Please help in this process of bringing public awareness to the criminal use of radio wave technologies. Please help with the printing and distribution through doing it yourself or sending donations to

Poetic Publications (Heart Bud)
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Thank you.