My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Spiritual Belief

There appears to be some controversy and a lot of judgments surrounding me, WHILE I am still being targeted - tortured with microwave and psychotronic weapons! So I will make this statement just so that where I stand is clear to those who are judging me at such a time.

Through all these decades of my mind and life being severely interfered with, especially when I was unaware of being targeted and may have been being drugged, my mind had felt confused about a lot of things, especially religion. This is reflected in my writings and in my spiritual searching throughout my life. But my Heart has held strong in this Wisdom that comes directly from God. . .

I believe in forming a strong DIRECT relationship with Love/God/Light through our own HEARTS. I believe in working at healing/opening our HEARTS, in order to deepen our connection with God. I do not believe in strictly following ANY other human being - I believe in casting aside other people's perceptions and judgments and following ONLY that ONE highest source of Love/Wisdom, which comes through our HEARTS directly from God. I stand strong as stone on this even if you judge me and keep torturing me and kill me. Period. 

God is LOVE