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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm Being Hit Really Hard!

I'm getting severe weapon attacks to my head lately! I am in fear of permanent brain damage. I am also getting what appears to be threats against my family, particularly my uncle JR and my father. My uncle was admitted into the hospital as these threats came in. Please help and pray and do all you can to expose this for all of humanity. Please. 

Again, please share this special edition of the Heart Bud 

This is a shortened issue that can be printed for less and reach more people. Please help in this process of bringing public awareness to the criminal use of radio wave technologies. Please help with the printing and distribution through doing it yourself or sending donations to. . .

Poetic Publications (Heart Bud)
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Thank you.


P.S. How I feel about the threats; Though my heart cries for all of us, I have had to pull my chin up, over and over again, and realize that this is a war - a lethal covert war and we are fighting for freedom for all of humanity. Many of us are being held under constant satellite surveillance, tortured and destroyed in the cruelest of ways. (I'm sure that most of you can not even imagine what we are going through.)
   Becoming silent and letting the criminal targeting continue is just not a healthy option. I feel, to the core of my being, that ALL of humanity is in grave danger if we do not find the heart and the courage to stand up against these lethal crimes, no matter how many of us get harmed in the process. This is the way with wars - we fight for our freedom even though we may lose those who stand in the front lines. But I believe that the front line has already gone down, much has already been exposed, and we now have a chance to win this battle, if we stand up and listen to our hearts above all else. 
   I am in the most difficult situation and feel that I have no choice.  I am already being slowly destroyed with psychotronic and microwave weapons. What I am being put through is indescribable. I may also die if I continue with my writings, but I feel that I have to do it anyway, because there is no hope for the future of humanity, if we all keep ducking under and following the darkness that is now in control and is trying to prevent us from exposing and stopping it. PLEASE find the courage to stand up also - PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR HEART ABOVE ALL ELSE.

 P.S.S. I had decided to refrain from personal posts on the web, but I have changed my mind, because last year when I did this is when the new batches of hell, with the disabling of my car began. It appears that this is happening again! Exposing what is being done to me seems my only protection right now. I'll keep you posted. Recent threats are to destroy my car and make me ill or "take me out." I pray for all to find the heart and courage to stand up against these crimes.