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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Framing Process or a Terrorizing Process?

   Last night I had a dream which showed how the criminals who target me are now pushing hard to do the framing that I'd been forewarned of in past dreams. Today, I am on my third library searching for just a bit of peaceful time to do some work! At the previous two, they swarmed me. I of course do not know if they will succeed with this charade to frame me, in order to discredit me and prevent my work from continuing. . .or if this is just another part of the terrorizing process.

   In my dream it showed "help" coming but that the "help" was also orchestrated by the criminals who target us. . .and that my nephew is now also in danger of this fake "help" confiscating him.

I pray with all my heart that they do not succeed - that whatever they do to me or other targeted individuals quickly leads to them setting themselves up to get caught and prevented from continuing with such crimes. Please help pray for this for all targeted individuals. We need GENUINE help now.