My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Following

   As I fight to survive more vamp ups in the targeting, with those who sabotage my work zooming in to pretend to want to "help" me and bring me to what they call "home," my heart keeps crying out, "Our world will start becoming a better place when we ALL more fully follow our own Hearts, instead of other people. . .and when enough of humanity finds the courage to publicly expose criminal use of all sorts of radio wave technologies." and "My only 'Home' is that place where my heart merges with the highest form of Love and Light." and "God reaches us through our Hearts and if we follow our Hearts above all else we will be OK." and "Those who follow others sacrifice themselves in shadows that don't belong to them." and "For God's sake (literally) stop this nonsense and listen to your Hearts..." Its been an intense day!

The ONLY being we can FUNCTIONALLY follow is God and God speaks to us through our Hearts. I choose this direction and I wish the same for all the organized stalking group members who are mind control victims and/or remain blind followers of the darkness that is targeting humanity, especially those who put themselves out there as long term targeted individuals, or as "help" for targeted individuals, while interfering with the process of these crimes being exposed and preventing genuine targeted individuals from receiving GENUINE help.


P.S. My computer is being infiltrated and writings interfered with and possibly plagiarized. . .still/again. I also just noticed that most of the page on the back up to this blog is not being shown on the web - its cut off. But you can find it in this book: Technological Holocaust - Targeted in America