My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Shot and Blocked

   Messages I got through organized stalking group members in the past week; “Your not going to be driving.” “He died last night. Its your fault.” “Sharon the police are not going to be there for you, because you are listed in their data banks as a crazy person.”
   Yesterday, I was shot in the chest and upper back with lasers, got a lot of computer interference, (and now this morning's message that said, “after I am done,”) as I aim to finish my book “Technological Holocaust” and an article that pulled together Myron Fagon’s speeches (Red Stars Over Hollywood”, and my dreams about public water supplies being contaminated with the types of drugs that aid the success of remote mind control technologies...etc.
   Apparently those who hold me under surveillance are still in competition with my writings and insights. . .and may even be still stealing them and claiming them as their own.

More than ever, humanity is being called to listen to the HEART of its own instincts and not follow or idolize any other human being - to rise up out of the sheep mentality and pull in its own power.

 P.S. Yesterday was my birthday and I got two "happy birthday" messages that touched my heart, although it could not be "happy" under such circumstances. I had wanted to do something special for myself for my birthday and the first thing that came to mind was to go to a deserted tropical island for the day. ;-) Since I could not do that, (and certainly not without being under surveillance,) I decided to pull together another article that had been nudging its way through my heart. And. . .well. . .I just told you how that went. Maybe next year I will have a "happy birthday."