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Monday, February 3, 2014

Proof of Targeting

   According to my research its almost impossible to prove the microwave mind control and torture parts of the targeting without expensive detection equipment and/or extensive medical tests, which I hear can be interfered with if the physicians are not threatened and/or targeted into silence. Sadly, this will be the case until these criminal programs are fully exposed and stopped.
   HOWEVER, there are other types of proof. Long term victims are hit with more than just invisible radio waves and laser weapons. Proof also resides in the strange and unusual chains of losses and crisis at strategic times. Like in my case:

The fact that ALL of my siblings and I were ordered by a doctor to have our tonsils removed even though we had no medical problems with them, when we were children. (The surgeries took place and. . .I still have my tonsils.)

Obvious, unexplainable neurological damage to my sister’s eye.

The unusual cataracts in my brother’s eyes at a very young age.

The fact that FOUR members of my immediate family have had emergency back surgeries, although there is no history of back problems in our family.

In 1981: Unusual experiences around my second pregnancy: A doctor trying to abort my healthy child and getting angry with me for listening to my instincts and not believing that she was “dead and has to be aborted.” I gave birth to Julia in January 1982 and she was born with a minor heart defect and four breasts, when there have been absolutely no such defects in our family history.

In 1985 and 1986: Two surgeries on my spine and the unusual events surrounding them.

In the early 1990s: The confusing process of separating me from my family of origin. . .with them blaming me and me blaming them...and my step father’s unusually pain filled death during that process.

In 1995: The taking of my Loudon, NH home by the New Hampshire DOT rights of eminent domain, and all the chaos and losses that surrounded it. (this included unexplainable problems with my furnace, which would fill my house with smoke, and the sudden loss of our pet. In 2010, a witness of this said, “There was something wrong with that taking of your home.” Many people knew there was something wrong with it, but nobody understood or could do anything about it.

!999 to May 2001: The strange chain of events: at least 5 deaths surrounding my daughters and I (one being a strange murder of a grandmother and her two grandchildren and a suicide), a suspicious fire in our Andover, NH home, (which destroyed my dream journals and most of my other writings.) and 3 of my pets suddenly either disappearing or dead. . .after I shared a prophetic dream that showed criminal contamination of the Concord, NH public water supply and an acquaintance bringing contaminated water to a Concord, NH school system. There were TWO other fires on the same night and in the same area. The fire in my house was never reported in the news and can not be found on the web. The fire marshal who stood on the side of Truth expressed disappointment over having to list it as "unknown cause" although he knew. . , before suddenly retiring and later moving to another state. (This chain of things alone would raise red flags in anyone with half a brain left! All of this is completely provable.)

In 2002: My little brother’s unusual death after he had noticed something wrong happening to himself and my father. . .and then my cousin’s sudden death as suspicions and investigations rose around my little brother’s death.

In 2005: My estranged sister, whom I'd not been in touch with through most of 12+ years, suddenly going on the web to slander me - calling me "evil" and writing, "disasters happen everywhere she goes..." The strange storm and flood that raged through my Alstead, NH neighborhood a few months later. . .killing four of my neighbors. Anyone looking at this honestly, would realize that the unusual storm stalling over that area, and the culvert being plugged, COULD have been criminally orchestrated with weather modification technologies. . .especially since disasters really were happening almost everywhere I went. (There have been unbelievable numbers of accidents around me on roads. This became severe, and stalkers were even pointing it out to me, in 2012)
2008: The fact that MOST of the 2008 supporters of my “Sharon’s Bud” publication are no longer the owners of  their businesses. . .or have disappeared.

2009: The sudden loss of brakes on my truck at the same time of the engine suddenly being destroyed and the whole electrical system suddenly going haywire. (A mechanic had let me know that my brakes were tampered with and this was not the first or last time of such occurrence.)

2010: The fact that ALL THREE of my largest advertisers in this year’s issue of the Heart Bud experienced unusual difficulties: A computer shop was suddenly dealt with water pipes burst and destroy his shop, the health food store owner being held up at knife point, the insurance man having sudden, unusual death in his family and unexplainable inflictions/injuries to his shoulders.

2011: My collapse in a store before being rushed to the Concord hospital with severe vomiting and unexplainable malfunction of my equilibrium and balance. (And the uncountable numbers of other times that I’d been rushed to emergency rooms, or had gone to a doctor, with strange and unexplainable symptoms from 2002 to 2006)

2012: My van being destroyed, sudden brake loss on my car and my step mother suddenly becoming ill as I aimed to produce another Heart Bud publication. . .and then her recovery as I was forced to discontinue.
2013: My step mother’s unusual death as I again aimed to produce the third issue of the Heart Bud, which exposed some of this targeting.

The amount of times that mechanics have found my oil filter unscrewed. The mechanic who told me that it looked like motor oil had been put into my transmission. Other obvious tamperings of my vehicles. The amount of times that I’ve had sudden brake losses in the past few years. (Its up to about 5!)

The long list of people who help me, support my work or hire me...suddenly experiencing a variety of difficulties: like the deaths of family members at times when I was about to turn to them for help. And the sudden complete loss of memory and finances in a woman who had helped me and was the founder of a Spiritual Growth Network. My best friend, who'd just reconnected with me, suddenly having to deal with a death in her family and a heart attack in her father...etc. A woman whom I had connected with calling me and saying that her mother had just been in a car accident and that all sorts of strange things were happening since she'd met me. (She blamed me for being "bad luck") There have been many such chains of events.

Changes in my writings, with key things erased and the same patterns performed over and over again.

Proof also exists in the fact that those who are being targeted are so often assumed to be lieing  or “mentally ill”- too often ‘guilty unless proven innocent’ in the media as well as law enforcement. Even hard core criminals get more respect than this! The norm would be for our testimonies to be assumed to be true/innocent unless proven wrong/guilty. The fact that this is not happening is proof that something is horribly wrong.

This list could probably expand into a whole book, but I'd have to have time to look back at my notes. So this is enough for now.

ANYONE, who is not a perpetrator, and has witnessed these unusual chains of difficulties in my life. . .and still stands in the assumption that I am “just mentally ill” without ever investigating or helping me. . .is surely a mind control victim. This in itself can be proof. Nobody in their right mind would see my mental health as the problem here. Absolutely nobody. And nobody who cared about me would, ON THEIR OWN ACCORD, be leaving me to be tortured in this surveillance prison. The strange lack of help or care in loved ones is also proof of the targeting. Most people are NOT that careless, but mind control victims are. And loved ones of long term Targeted Individuals are often mind control victims. We are sometimes even literally wiped out of each other’s minds, in attempts to prevent our hearts from taking over and helping each other.

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