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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Myron Fagan erased from my computer!

A file, which contained information about Myron Fagan, just vanished from my computer. This is significant, because I was in the process of writing an article, which linked together things like Fagan's famous speeches, subliminal messaging in the media,  microwave weapons being used on humanity and the drugs being found in our public drinking waters being the same sorts of drugs that other reports say aid the success of remotely inflicted microwave mind control technologies, and the ways I've been severely targeted since I talked about military men being brainwashed and toxins being criminally placed in our drinking water...etc. I still fully believe that the USA is in the process of a communistic take-over and that parts of this operation are a dark occult sort of group, which is also covertly continuing a lethal eugenics movement. (Please look past Myron's prejudice and into the core messages in the following recording. The targetings he describes are so similar to many of those I've experienced that it seems like they are being inflicted by the same organization.)

Red Stars Over Hollywood by Myron Fagan 
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Two of Myron's famous speeches:

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