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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Faust vs. Me

[UPDATE: This post had been taken down.]

    I have received many messages that prove how the core of the targeting against me is dark/satanic. Some of these messages have come through people who had called or emailed me while pretending to be other Targeted  Individuals, some have come through stalkers who walk by me or stand near me and deliver messages, which are spoken much louder than the rest of their conversation. Some are delivered through particular songs that played as I walk into places. Some of them are saying, "You are going to be mine."
    A recent message was printed on a receipt with "Faust" put where my name was supposed to go. I was oblivious to it until one of them pointed it out to me and then I looked it up.
   Apparently Faust was a mythical poet/writer who turned away from God and sold his soul to the devil for worldly knowledge, power and physical possessions - the very thing that those who target us have done - the very opposite of all that I stand for. This is clearly another one of their projections.
   There appears to be others (possibly not the ones who are doing the worst of the torturing) who are watching me and judging me while I'm being tortured - instead of helping me they join it. But they do not know what is in my heart.

My Faith in God/Love/Heart/Light has actually been deepening. There have been times when I am being heavily tortured and am in complete agony. . .and I close my eyes and See the Light here for me. Its what gives me Hope for humanity's future. Its what has shown me that its working through the Heart of humanity to free us from this holocaust.  Turning from that would be an impossible thing for me to do. Its everything to me. Its all I really FULLY have on my side right now.

I feel that Faust was a foolish man. I feel that those who judge me, instead of protecting me from harm, (while I'm being tortured) are the ones who do not use their hearts.

I feel that ALL of humanity stands at a critical crossroad and that we can choose to tie in with the dark or open our HEARTS enough to GENUINELY and FULLY stand in the Light - in that place that has the Faith, the Strength and the Courage to stand up for what is right instead of joining or hiding behind what is dark/wrong/hurtful...etc.

Our true HOME is where our Hearts merge with God's Love/Light 
And finds the Courage to stand up and restore our safety and Freedom.

I feel that we are all God's children unless we FREELY CHOOSE not to be. I choose to remain God's. And I hope those who have turned the other way - those who stand with the ones who hurt and judge us, find the heart to turn back towards God and allow themselves to be embraced by the type of Love that NOTHING else can take the place of.

Lets let LOVE win.

P.S. This morning, as I took a shower in planet fitness, what appeared to be a couple of
puppets walked in and began loudly talking. I didn't hear the words they probably wanted me to, because I was in the shower. And to make sure I didn't hear, I suddenly began singing "Amazing Grace" as loud as I could. When I stopped I heard nothing but a peaceful silence. ;-)