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Monday, February 24, 2014

Calling Your Heart

Due to being targeted, the Heart Bud has been struggling with the process of acquiring advertisers to support printings and distributions. . .and is now being forced to rely on donations. Since this little publication aims to help all of us through the tough times we are facing in our troubled world, I am hoping that you will let your Heart support it.  Please help the Heart Bud to help humanity.

Please send donation to 

Poetic Publications
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057



2-25-14: I had a dream last night, which showed those who target me sending a completely controlled woman and her son to try to frame me for something like a child sexual abuse crime. Ironically I walked into a library and a woman who fits the description of one of the women in my dream walked in. I changed computers and guess I am going to sit this out and see what happens.

Yesterday I joined "linkedin" to do a bit of networking and a few perpetrators immediately leaped into my contacts and the site will not allow me to block them.  Guess that is completely controlled now also.

Today, I am being blocked from printing out the pdfs of papers I have on the web as downloads. I do not know if the public is also being blocked from printing them.