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Monday, January 6, 2014

Weird Things Happening with my Writings

Preliminary copies of the fourth issue of the Heart Bud were published on the web on December 27, 2013. Hard copies are lined up for printing on January 7th 2014, although they may be delayed. This one is basically the same as the April 2013 printing, except for a bit of editing and more of my experience with Lupus and a "letter to humanity." Like last time, I felt a need to rush to print due to threats and vamped up targeting, so please excuse my mistakes.

I'm also having a few technical difficulties while producing this issue of the Heart Bud. Dates on files are still being changed in my computer. At one point my work was wiped out due to a "currupt file" but I had made backups. After posting it on the web I had made copies of my web pages. . .and now the page it was posted on has vanished! The printer is questioning me about the "December" date on the printing. Access to my blog was blocked from December 12th 2013 to January 1st 2014, while I was working on the Heart Bud. I am not sure what this is all about but its a bit strange, especially since my posting it on the web was followed by harassment from someone who appeared to be jealously accusing me of wanting recognition or credit for something. I have no idea what this is about or what their issue is. (original copies of this paper were also recently erased from my computer) The good news is that I have other forms of proof that I posted when I did, although I do not yet know what I may or may not need it for. I pray that those who do this find their Hearts and leave my writings and I alone.

P.S. This blog is also being interfered with again. Its not functioning properly.