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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Poem and Hope for 2014

For a Public Stand 
by Sharon Rose Poet 

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way 
Through bullets hidden in microwaves. 
Give us COURAGE, God...to make a STAND 
To save our minds and FREE our land. 
Give us PROTECTION, God...from all that harms 
Then COMFORT us in Your loving arms. 

   The push to hide evidence and witnesses of this holocaust is strong and appears to be done under the guise of "help" for Primary Targeted Individuals. The goal, seems to be to silence or hide us and let the crimes continue and remain hidden from the rest of the public, which is also being targeted on milder scales. The end result will be more devastating for humanity than most of us would even want to imagine.


   Its our fear and the supporting of the secrecy that enables the lethal continuation of these crimes. Enough people realizing what is happening and pulling together to openly stand up in a peaceful fight for our protection and for the crimes to stop, is the only hope we have to regain our FREEDOM. . .and that for all of humanity.

I pray for more of humanity to quickly gain the courage to openly stand up. These crimes thrive on secrecy and simple tests can prove the microwave intrusions. PLEASE let your hearts stand up. They can not kill us all. . .and, in my opinion, physical death would be better than what they are doing to us. I'd rather die standing up than kneeling down to a criminal operation that is ALREADY destroying us. What would you prefer?

P.S. Recent threats are to kill me with doses of bacteria, (which has been happening through the past month), to frame me for a crime, to inflict permanent brain damage or a heart attack, or to force me to be spiritually destroyed with misdiagnosis and harmful medications - the types of medications that are being pushed to enhance radio wave mind control intrusions throughout humanity. These medications are damaging people's minds and blocking their process of personal/spiritual growth - the same goal as much of the radio wave mind control intrusions. I had written about the dangers of taking certain types of meds in a book that was destroyed in a fire in may of 2001. This is serious stuff! I pray they do not succeed.