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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Revised Letter for Humanity

To whom it should concern,

I am a writer who is a witness to, and a victim of, serious technological crimes against humanity. I am writing this statement to inform you of this grave situation and beg for help for those of us who are being criminally targeted - held under surveillance and tortured with various types of chemicals, drugs and radio wave technologies, which include remotely operated microwave and laser weapons.

   I have never done anything to warrant this. Prior to the worst of this targeting I was a healthy and active middle class mother who has never engaged in any sort of criminal activity. I used to own a nice country home and am now living in a car that may not last much longer.
   I believe that my family has been used for remote technological experimentation since at least 1974 and remain unaware victims of brainwashings. Those who target us appear to have singled me out for heavier targeting. My personal situation reached a critical point around 1990 and has vamped up several times since 2001. The hell I’ve been experiencing is indescribable.
   It appears that I am being held under constant surveillance and often either stalked or psychologically harassed by local organized stalking and harassment groups.
   My homes, vehicles, businesses, jobs, relationships and health have been being sabotaged by those who target me. I have been periodically drugged, inflicted with some sort of chemicals and/or bacteria that burn my lungs and eyes, threatened and shot with what appears to be some sort of laser weapon, which can cause severe pain, nausea, vomiting, heart attack symptoms, painful lumps on my head, sudden back, abdominal or limb pain...etc. I am often microwaved to the point of experiencing extreme heat in my head, mental confusion and numbness, physical and mental fatigue and physical illness.
   The pain and torture I am often forced to endure is probably comparable to being in a Nazi concentration camp. . .only worse on some ways, because I am surrounded by people who do not understand what is happening and cannot help me in the ways that I need it. My family members remain unaware mind control victims who appear to be programmed to drive against me and not believe or help me in the ways that I need it. I have been forced into a painful and dangerous isolation.
   Since 2005, they appear to be trying to discredit me through public slanderings or through framing me for uncommitted crimes. My phone, emails, bank accounts and possibly even snail mail appear to be being interfered with. And there have been several attempts on my life in ways that appear to be trying to make it look like an accident or natural death. (I am lucky to be alive at this point.)
   I have begged for help in every possible place from local law enforcement to FBI, Obama, human rights organizations and foreign countries. Most people instantly assume that I am just mentally ill. Some do not understand due to a lack of awareness of the technologies that are being used against humanity. Some want to help, but can’t do very much. And some seem too scared to help me due to an established pattern of people being targeted for helping me. Consequently I have been alone in my fight to survive through most of the past 13 years.
   Every day I pray for the targeting to stop - for this Technological Holocaust to be exposed and ended. But each pain filled day rolls into the next and years creep by as I fight to survive and expose these crimes while being threatened, stalked and shot with laser and microwave weapons...etc.

   Though this may sound like science fiction horror, it is a sad and devastating reality for growing numbers of people. I am just one of many. We desperately need this targeting to be exposed and stopped. I beg you to do all that you can to stand up and speak out against these horrific crimes against humanity. We need you. We need your hearts to find the courage to stand up for us, because we are dyeing the slowest and cruelest deaths imaginable and these crimes can only get worst if nothing is done to stop them. Please help us and save the rest of humanity from this holocaust.

With Tears of Hope,
Sharon Rose Poet (previously Sharon Y. LaBree)
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

My struggle to survive being targeted remains intense and more difficult than words can express! More than ever. . . I am in deep need of substantial amounts of financial help, for my own survival and safety, as well as for the production of the Heart Bud. Please help me.

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

FYI: This blog is being interfered with - often malfunctioning while I try to use it. Changes may also still be made to my writings. Its difficult for me to keep up with. Please listen to your own Hearts above all else.