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Monday, October 7, 2013

Urgent Information !!!

On Sept 28th I walked out to the end of a jetty on the coast of Maine. While there I took note of a couple people saying that kayakers need to be careful too not go far from that point due to strong currents that will pull them out to sea.  Directly after this I was hit hard with psychotronic weapons, which produced the usual pain in my head and a loud high pitched ring in my ears.  This is unfortunately not a very unusual experience for me. But the dream I had on this night was .

   My dream showed people at a Parliament building in a foreign country watching me on a TV type of screen. . .and one pointing me out to another and saying, “She is trying to escape.”

Does this confirm my feelings that the CORE of the targeting is coming from a foreign source that could also be aiming mind control technologies at our government officials in the process of a takeover of the USA? I believe so, because of this and many other things I’ve previously written about.   

   I am also recently wondering if the detection technologies that are being used by our own government may have the filters installed, which prevents the detection of radio wave frequencies that are used for mind control. This would make sense if a foreign source is also targeting our government.  

I beg government officials to investigate this for your sakes as well as ours.

And I beg citizens of the USA and other victimized countries to STAND UP and speak out. . .not against our own governments but against the lethal targeting and take overs of our countries and loss of our freedom and human rights through illegal utilization of mind control technologies.