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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Remote Disabling of My Car - My Safety, My Work. . .My Life!!!

Around two months ago a police officer offered to help me when I ran out of gas. He opened the hood and asked me to sit in the car and turn the lights off so he could look at something on the passenger side of the engine.
   Since then, my car has been being remotely disabled at strategic times. As I aim to get advertisers for another issue of the Heart Bud my car is now being disabled for up to 12 hours at a time! I am not being allowed to do my writings!
   There have been numerous times when it has been disabled just before a police officer shows up to threaten to have it towed and send me to a homeless shelter and/or to suggest that I go to an emergency room Psych ward if I get upset about what they are doing to me.
   When this started it was under the guise of "helping" me. . .but that "help" has turned into a relentless, inconsiderate, cruel control of my life AGAINST MY WILL through controlling my car - the only thing I have that provides me with any form of safety. Its also what enables me to do my work.
   Because this process started out appearing to possibly be genuine help I  worked at keeping an open mind. And I repeatedly begged them to help expose these crimes. But the disabling of my car primarily at times that prevent my work and prevented my personal needs from being met has severely increased as my trust in them diminished and as I aim to switch my focus from them and onto my work - onto doing another printing of  the Heart Bud.

Yesterday my car was disabled for over 12 hours while I was in a parking lot where I was being steadily hit with microwaves directed into my brain!!! Today it is disabled in a parking lot run by a man whom I have experienced to be a victim and probable perpetrator of these crimes! I do not know if they will allow my car to ever start again or what may be happening to it as I walked to the library to write this! I have tried to reach their hearts but it seems that the harder I try the more cruel to me they become. Looks like they have me completely cornered! I do not know what to do!

God help us.

Update 2014; My car did eventually start. The disabling of my car continued for about 6 months!