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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Info From Paper I am Passing Out

[UPDATE; I have erased the part of this post that assumed  was about the technologies used, because I lacked enough awareness at this time. MKULTRA merely proves that there have been mind control experiments. I now feel that the technologies used grew from the Tesla technologies.] 

The following article fits nicely on one page with two columns. Please feel free to copy and share it for the purpose of helping to bring public awareness.

The following article contains extremely important information. Please read it carefully and pass it on. Your care to do so is sure to be appreciated by many.

The seriousness of this situation cannot be understated and may be effecting you more than you realize. Please take this seriously.

The public has been being convinced that they are merely “conspiracy theories” or fabrications although growing numbers of witnesses, registered patents and military deployments prove their existence and their criminal use on humanity.

In community or organization settings remotely directed radio waves can contain mild subliminal messaging or be set at frequencies which interfere with human functionality and technologies. Effects can range from mild brainwashing and unusual technological malfunctions to debilitating levels of mental fatigue or confusion.

Heavily targeted individuals can experience symptoms that range from mental confusion, fatigue, unusual sinus problems, unusual thoughts and mood swings, repetitive thoughts and speech, a high pitched ring in ears and diminished eye sight and hearing. . .to aneurisms, seizures, unusual neurological or physical disorders or death.

Experiments show that complete mind control is more effective on people who are taking antidepressants or similar mood altering drugs. In 2008 it was reported that these types of drugs were being found in over 24 major public water supplies throughout the USA.

The targeting process can be virtually unnoticeable to unwitting victims and is becoming a devastating reality for increasing numbers of communities, families and individuals. . .including military, law enforcement and government personnel throughout the USA and beyond.

The ramifications of allowing these crimes to continue range from continued criminal interference with our physical and mental health, and interference with our natural process of personal growth. . .to the loss of our free will and, in some cases, mental or physical mutilation and death.

A Continuation of the Eugenics Movement: Beams of radio waves aimed at particular parts of our bodies can effect functionality and create things like chronic fatigue, lupus, leukemia, tumorous cancers, heart attacks, strokes, severe digestive problems, diabetes, arthritis, issues that mimic mental illness, lung diseases like asthma and COPD…etc.

Helpful hints to Targeted Individuals: Avoid pharmaceuticals, especially mind altering drugs like antidepressants, when possible. Learn to listen to your heart above all else. Practice creative visualization on a daily basis. Talk to people about it.

Radio Waves Also Used for Weather Modification: Radio wave technologies have been used to perform weather modifications through the past few decades.

Large beams of radio waves can heat up the atmosphere in ways that can create or direct various types of storms, including tornadoes. Scientists are now finding the use of these technologies to be the true cause of global warming. These technologies are also capable of shooting beams of radio waves into natural faults in the Earth, which can instigate earthquakes, volcanoes and tidal waves. (Armageddon can, and probably will, be man made if criminal use of these technologies is not exposed and stopped!)

What is the remedy? At this point the first step to a remedy appears to be for us to instigate enough public awareness to pressure the media into exposing these crimes so that government officials are forced to acknowledge them and begin strictly regulating or disabling microwave weapons – radio wave technologies that are being criminally used against humanity.

There are technologies which can detect radio wave intrusions. However, according to physicist Tim Rifat, recent microwave detectors have had a filter built in, which prevents them from detecting the low frequencies which are used for mind control – brain washing.

There are technologies which can block radio waves, but purchasing them is now illegal in most countries. Please THINK about this!

Though this sounds more like unbelievable science fiction horror, I beg you to listen to your hearts above all else, investigate this devastating reality and ask government officials to do the same, because not doing so will enable the continuation of unbelievable crimes against humanity.

Please help bring a peaceful end to this crisis and restore the freedom and liberty we value in the USA. Please copy and share this paper with as many people as you can as quickly as possible.

A few terms for web research: Phillip Coppens – Russian Woodpecker, Electromagnetic Mind-Control, Bio-Communications Technologies, Bio-electroenergetics, Brain Warfare, Electroenergetics, Electromagnetic (EMR) mind control, Electronic Harassment, microwave mind control, mkultra, radio wave mind control, Remote Mind Control, Psychotronic Weapons, Remote Neuro Monitoring, remote influencing, Technological Holocaust, Directed Energy Weapon, Jim Keith – mind control, weather modification, Anna Keeler – mind control…etc. Beware of intentional misinformation on the web. Listen to the heart of your own instincts above all else.