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Thursday, August 29, 2013

"United We Stand - Divided We Fall"

As I apply this popular phrase to the Technological Holocaust, it seems to fit perfectly, because there is a desperate need for a public UNITED stand against the criminal use of microwave weapons (especially mind control technologies) that are being used on American citizens and government officials.
   Thus far, desperately needed levels of public awareness have been prevented through isolating, discrediting, threatening or destroying those of us who become aware of what is happening. Due to this, fear is gripping those of us who are aware and still allowed to function in the world – a fear that is VERY understandable and justified. The forces we are up against appear to be HUGE with connections in high places and unlimited resources to accomplish their aim. It is as dark as dark can be and as deceptive and heartless as evil can get.

   Those who target us are also manipulating us into blaming only our own government, although the core of the problem appears to originate from a foreign force that has been silently taking over our country through the past several decades. America is falling, because its government, as well as its citizens, are being victimized with mind control technologies. . .and it will continue falling if we continue allowing these criminal manipulations.

   The success of this Technological Holocaust seems to depend on continued secrecy and deceptions, the silence of those who are aware, and the division of heavily targeted individuals from the rest of humanity. But the silence CAN be broken. The deceptions CAN be exposed. We do not have to let them win.
   I dream of a strong group of influential people (standing as witnesses for each other) finding the Heart and courage to break the lethal spell with a firm public stand that could open doors for others to do the same.

I pray that people publicly UNITE against the technological targeting of our government as well as common citizens. . .instead of against each other.
United We Stand – Divided We Fall

At this point in time, I feel that the greatest day of my life would be when that first public UNITED STAND opens a door to begin exposing these crimes and restoring the FREEDOM America has lost. . .spreading its rays into the rest of the world. I hope it happens in my lifetime.

P.S. My flag is at half mast in honor of the countless thousands of citizens who are being either harmed or destroyed by the criminal use of radio wave technologies – for targeted citizens, including military, law enforcement and government officials.

As for me personally, I am not doing very well on any level. I am struggling to let go of my anger and disappointment that the targeting is still happening and that I have not experienced the types of help and care I need. I struggle to hold onto hope for myself and to remember my heart in the mist of the confusing hell I’ve been being put through in the past couple decades. I hit a point of overwhelm this past Spring, as I fought to produce this issue of the Heart Bud. . .hitting an all-time emotional low in the past couple months and am trying to regain my balance at this point in time.
   Please send prayers that my personal situation improves. I am still living in my car, am in the process of losing my RV and most of my belongings. I am still being targeted with microwave and psychotronic weapons, organized stalking and harassment groups as well as what appears to be attempts to discredit and/or frame me in various ways. I need your help. Please do what you can to help me. Hugs can be sent via visualizations. Donations can be sent to:
Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Wisdom of the day: Sometimes people label things as “guilt trips” in order to avoid looking at the effects of their own behaviors. Please care to look. If you feel guilty you may be guilty.

I'm sorry.