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Monday, June 10, 2013

Final Messages

Sharon Rose Poet in 2005
( before the worst of the
targeting  began)
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Mont Vernon, NH 03057

I am not feeling well and have been being so heavily targeted that I do not feel clear enough to continue writing personal messages on this blog. However, I will post general information often enough to let those who care know that I am still surviving. . .and I will continue my personal writings in other ways when I am able.

Message to Fellow GENUINE Targeted Individuals
: It is sad that the forces that target us work so hard to keep us apart. . .and that we are surrounded by so many sadistic operatives, who pretend to be TIs, that it becomes impossible for us to safely give each other the trust and support we need. My consolation has been that though we stand so painfully alone. . .our spirits are connected in our aim to survive and help prevent the rest of humanity from experiencing the indescribable pain we are being dealt. Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine us all standing in a circle of pure white Light, hugging each other and letting our tears heal our broken hearts. I hope to meet you there.   

Message to my Father, Siblings and Daughters: I am truly sorry if my openness on this blog has hurt or offended you. Perhaps it was wrong of me to publicize so much about my personal experiences with you, especially during times when I was not clear and was in the process of figuring things out, but what is done is done and I hope it helps other families to deal with the targeting. 
   I have been HEAVILY targeted with microwave weapons around interactions with the family, and I believe you have been as well. The result has been walls of discord and confusion that keep us apart and blaming each other.
    The pain that has carved its way into ALL of our Hearts is something I feel on levels that I can not explain. In the past two years I had tried over and over again to reach you and help you realize what has been happening to us, but failed to break through the walls that criminal technological mind control inflictions have been building for too long. I am not sure if this was a failure on my part or if I was aiming to accomplish the impossible. But I feel sorry just the same, because I could have done a better job at it. I am sorry I could not help you to understand what is happening to us.
   Though there are times when I feel deeply hurt and betrayed by ALL of you, I have also cried for you. I have suffered for us all - much of my fight to expose this atrocity has been for you. I still pray for our freedom and a chance to re-group and heal in this lifetime. . .although this appears unlikely at this point in time. I know, in my Heart that someday the full Truths will be shown to you and when that day comes I hope you let forgiveness comfort you.
   Though I have stood separate from most of you through the past two decades, you have NEVER left my heart and never will. . .and these are not just words. I mean it. I love you. My love for you runs as deep as my pain for all of us. I am so sorry that this has been happening to us.

Message to Activists: Resolution can only begin when the ROOT CAUSE of the problem is exposed. I believe that only PARTS of the USA government are involved with the lethal technological targeting of individuals and families - that the roots of the continued aim to experiment on and interfere with humanity extends beyond our government (as a whole) and into satanic secret societies, which appear to include HUGE chunks of the medical profession and parts of other governments as well. In blaming only the USA government we may be throwing away the only chance we have to remedy this Technological Holocaust. The uninvolved parts of the USA government may be the only hope/help we have left. PLEASE rethink your strategies.
   I also believe that the uncovering of the FULL truths begins in the writings of those who died trying to help protect humanity from this technological Holocaust - people like Jim Keith and Jerry E. Smith. They lost their lives in GENUINE heart felt efforts to uncover and expose these crimes and I hope we do not continue letting it be in vein. They deserve a LOT more of our focus than those who are now leaping into the front lines to expose only little PARTS of the Truths while directing most of the blame away from those who deserve it. I hope you let your Hearts continue searching for the deeper Truths that lay beyond the walls of disinformation. . .so that you can be a source of hope for the return of our freedom, instead of obstacles. I too have been an obstacle. . .and I am now aiming to take my own advise to new levels. (See links at bottom of page) 

My Declaration - Believe it or not
: I believe that my family has been used for remote technological mind control experimentation since at least the mid 1970s - that MKULTRA never truly stopped and was being conducted at the Hillsborough County Nursing Home and prison facility in Goffstown, NH - where I worked in1974. I believe that the MKULTRA program may have continued under the mask of Stargate. I believe that EVERY one of my family members are victims of microwave mind control - some worse than others. I believe that a more lethal targeting swung onto me since I began unwittingly figuring out what was happening. The core of this targeting appears to be inflicted by some sort of satanic occult. My relationships, pets, homes and jobs have been being destroyed since the early 1990s. I am often hit with nearly debilitating levels of microwaves and have had microwaves driven into my head so intensely that it has induced unbearable pain, vomiting and either loss of balance or consciousness. I have been periodically shot with what appears to be some sort of laser weapon. I am a victim of microwave mind control and torture. I am a victim of  organized stalking and harassment groups since the late 1980s. Since around the year 2000, I am almost constantly stalked, psychologically harassed and threatened by groups of people as well as what appears to be community watch and law enforcement groups. My children have also been targeted to the point of hospitalization with sudden unexplainable neurological problem, being drugged and raped, and severely brainwashed although they seem to not remember or realize it.
   The remote technological targeting and localized group stalking and harassment has followed me to Canada, Peru, Mexico and through many USA states including Hawaii, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Florida, North Carolina, Utah, California, Arizona and New Mexico.
   There have been at least four times when I've been drugged and raped by those who target us. I have received many threats against family members and believe that four of my family members, at least one friend and several acquaintances were inconspicuously murdered by the criminals who target us.
   I have begged, over and over again, for help from law enforcement, FBI, local and international human rights groups and President Obama. . .with no positive results. I am being remotely tortured with directed energy weapons on a regular basis - severely since 2005. I am suffering indescribably. My health continues to fade on every level. I feel like I am being slowly murdered in a way that will appear to be a natural death. I am a Targeted Individual. I am a human being. I do not deserve this.

My birth name was Sharon ------------- My married name was Sharon Buck. My Pen name was Namatari. My legal name is now Sharon R. Poet. I used to own a nice country home and run my own businesses and was a respectable citizen. Due to the targeting I am now living in my car, but I am still a real person who should matter. I was born and raised in the USA -  my mailing address is PO Box 383, Mont Vernon, NH 03057. I am in desperate need of financial help, in order to even have a CHANCE of surviving this for much longer, but am tired of asking for it.