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Friday, May 17, 2013

So. . .what was that called again?

We wonder why we can not reach the public when the names of mind control technologies, and other covert targeting tactics, have been being changed so often that each new label prevents original information from being found.
   Last year, a woman who claimed to be a Targeted Individual started telling TIs to stop calling themselves "Targeted Individuals" on the web. Sadly many seem to have followed her lead and are now lost to anyone who is web searching for genuine "Targeted Individuals."
   I am losing track of the amounts of names that have been assigned to "Mind Control Technologies."
   In a conference call last night TWO out of about four speakers suggested YET MORE new name changes! I believe the constant changes are being instigated by the perpetrators. . .either directly or through mind control technologies, because the sudden new labels lead the public AWAY from some of the best information that can be found. . .and seems to add to the psychological confusion, which all of the targeting aims to produce. Please help stop this damaging process.

 A few of the things that Remote Mind Control is being called:
(This is just a few I have found in a minute or two)
 M.I.N.D. - Magnetic Integrated Neuron Duplicator, Psychic Warfare, Electromagnetic (EMR) mind control, microwave mind control, Psychotronic weapons, Bio-communications technologies, Radio wave mind control, Electroenergetics, Electronic Harassment, Directed Energy Weapons, Remote Neuro Monitoring, Brain Warfare, Geophysical weapons, psychoneurological weapons, behavior modification technologies. . .

Here are a few links to VERY good information that appears to have been lost in the confusion of  constantly changing names of the technologies that are preventing the evolution of humanity, through destroying the Heart of humanity, while damaging the minds in countless thousands of human beings.

UPDATE DEC. 2014; I removed the links below, because they are not as objective as I now prefer. When we are being targeted and are desperately searching for answers it is easy to be coerced or brainwashed into placing blame in the wrong directions. There are a lot of assumptions about who is doing the targeting and there has been a lot of perpetration blame on the USA government being responsible for the targeting of its own citizens. 
    I am not saying that the USA government is 100% pure and innocent. . .but I am saying that they do not deserve ALL the blame and they may be our only chance for this hell to start ending.
    I believe that, because technological crimes have been kept secret and allowed to grow. . . there are different groups targeting different people for different reasons. . .and the largest one appears to be performing a covert takeover of the USA and is using mind control technologies on ALL of us in efforts to pit citizens against government and government against citizens...etc.  Its a hell of a mess. . .until the key people realize what is happening and start preventing criminal use of ALL radio wave technologies. 

U.S. Human Rights Abuse Report by Cheryl Welsh

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