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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Reaching for my Heart

    Yesterday I was hit hard on the left side of my head with what felt like steady beams of microwaves shooting into my brain. I am having dizzy spells when I move quickly, lay down or get up. It appeared that the goal was to induce agitation, which was effective. This was a lot milder than what was done in the excruciating days before my step mother's death a month and a half ago. My experience was a steady high pitch ring in my ears and mild sharp pains shooting into the left side of my head as well as a steady ache in the left rear side of my head.
   It appears that, in response to my last posting about not being hateful, those who target me were wanting me to violently react as an operative persistently interrupted me in a cafe. . .even reaching out to touch my computer saying, "Nice computer," after I thought he was finally finished questioning me about the internet. He was so intrusive that I laughed and sarcastically said, "Nice puppet," as he turned away and pretended to be looking for something on nearby shelves before quickly heading for the door. (He was a very poor actor.) As I experienced the pain and anger I took steady deep breaths. . .moving past it and into my heart. BUT when I reached my heart I started feeling the pain of what we are going through. Tears are still welling up today as my mind wonders. . .

I wonder how much more indescribable suffering will be inflicted upon humanity before our freedom is returned to us.

This morning I again read Gordon Duff's Article in "Veteran's Today" and the parts that my microwaved brain previously missed gripped my heart, especially the last two sentences: "In this episode, Ventura is dealing with technologies that we have seen, technologies that we have discovered in the course of surveillance operations using advanced hyperspectral ultra-broadband receivers, visual spectrum, combined with signals intelligence monitors that scan for frequency skipping ”burst” related transmitters. What we found is confirmed in Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory episode. Where he has gone where we have not is in dealing with the concept of who is a “targeted individual” and why. Thousands of Americans believe they are targeted by mind control technologies.  At one time, we thought of all of them as “tin foil hat” conspiracy theorists.  This was until we were able to break through the encoding within some mobile communications devices, signals we will refer to as “sub-carriers” for lack of a better term. . . The victims? Tens of millions have been turned into some of those who will watch the video, read these words and feel and think nothing." Read more on,  http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/12/24/venturas-brain-invaders/

I wonder if my father will ever realize that he is a long term victim of remote microwave mind control and other manipulations that turned him against me in 2002. . .hurting him as much as me.

I wonder if my big brother will ever realize the Truths and that, in my heart, I have always wanted to be there with him and my family. . .that I did not willingly abandon him and had been obeying what I had been told were his wishes to never see me again.

I wonder if my sisters will ever realize what has happened to them - that their existing issues against me were electronically compounded to the point of at least one of them becoming a deceitful perpetrator.

I wonder if my remaining little brother will ever realize that many of his suddenly arising rages and issues are a result of being a long term mind control victim.

I wonder if any of them will ever be able to heal from the crimes that have been committed against us even if they do reach a point of realizing them instead of blaming me.

I wonder if my daughters will ever be able to reach past the brain washings and realize the proof that their memories hold. . .and that I am still the mother they loved and trusted before the worst of this began around the year 2000 and 2001.

My youngest daughter met Obama in 2008. He had her support and admiration, as well as some of mine. She experienced a severe psychotronic attack in that same summer, but now appears to have been brainwashed into forgetting it along with other things. My oldest daughter was hit so hard at around 16 years old that she was hospitalized with unexplainable temporary brain damage. And the lists go on. We have ALL been hit hard. Both of my daughters are unaware victims of repeated psychotronic intrusions, which include being brainwashed into losing trust in their own mother. They have been hurt beyond description by what has been done to them as well as me. I wonder if Obama would reach out to shake Julia's hand now.

I wonder if Governor Maggie Hassan got the paper I dropped off with her secretary on Friday. I wonder if she remembers reaching out to shake my hand as I walked into a little Portsmouth Cafe back when she was looking for votes. I wonder if she will be brainwashed into blind disbelief if she reads the Heart Bud. I wonder if she'd reach out that hand now that she is our Governor and I am homeless and fighting for my life while trying to expose these crimes against humanity.

I wonder if my life will ever be "normal" again - if I will be able to survive and heal and again own a peaceful country home of my own where I can grow herbs and privately pray in my gardens without interference. The days when I had that now feel like a few lifetimes ago. The hell I have been through since then is truly indescribable. Many have been brainwashed or manipulated into thinking that I am just catastrophizing, but the opposite is the Truth. There is much more to this than what I am sharing publicly.

I wonder how many more of us will die or be psychologically mutilated before the media finds the courage to expose this Technological Holocaust. . .and humanity finds the Heart to rise beyond the brain washings and finish putting an end to it.

I wonder when our desperately needed freedom will be returned to us.

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