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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Please Help Me to Help Humanity

The Heart Bud is exposing the Technological Holocaust: 
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I am in deep need of substantial amounts of financial help, for my own survival as well as my ability to continue improving upon and printing the Heart Bud. Please help me. 

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

   P.S. In order to get through the heavy targeting while I aimed to get sponsors for this third full issue of the Heart Bud, I had to put on a coat of armor and take just one day at a time. Now that it is actually printed I am starting to relax and realize how much happened. In these two months of work I was interrogated by police officers FOUR times: I received threats against a family member around the time when my step mother became critically ill. I was being lasered in the head and experienced severe pain for two or three FULL days prior to her death on March 27th. My family UN-listed me as a member of my family by not including my daughters and I in the obituary listings.  I tried to get a little time to myself after the death and ended up being chased across the state of Maine, and shot with microwave and laser weapons, by a group of VERY aggressive veterans, instead of having my needs met. I received a threat of an attack the night before I woke with even more severe pain than ever before, that formed a lump on my head and lasted for several days, while I was writing the articles about mind control technologies. I was often microwaved into feeling so sick that it was difficult to function. I was repeatedly stalked, crowded and bullied in the communities I worked in. I never had more than scattered moments of privacy while writing. . .even in libraries where stalking group members often filed in to sit facing me and smirking at each other or intentionally making weird noises or taking pictures of me. My car was repeatedly accessed even when locked. A few business owners, who appear to be part of this criminal program played games and cost me money after pretending to want to place large ads and sent me running back and forth to their businesses for nothing. My bank suddenly charged me an unjustifiable fee right at the time when I had to pay for the printing.  More may be added later.