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Friday, May 31, 2013

Introducing a Book of this Blog

Ramblings of a Targeted Individual Book
The "Ramblings of a Targeted Individual" book will soon be available

Back Cover Description: This book contains blog entries that weave through the indescribable pain associated with being a “Primary Targeted Individual” in an operation that soars beyond Hitler’s deceitful cruelty with technologies that have been being used to remotely control, torture or harm victims for over forty years now.
   While being tortured to the point of barely being able to function, many Primary Targeted Individuals have launched their own campaigns to help bring public awareness to these horrific crimes against humanity. . .with hope for a united stand that could stop their continuation. I am one of these Primary Targeted Individuals.
   I began researching, in order to figure out why I’d been being slandered, stalked, threatened and have had one disaster after another happening in my life. . .and have been finding that I am just one of many victims in an operation that is becoming a serious threat to ALL of humanity.
   Over and over again, Primary Targeted Individuals, who’ve realized what is happening, have begged for help from law enforcement agencies, government agencies, leaders of countries and human rights organizations. . .with absolutely no positive results. The lethal crimes continue!
   I ask that, while you read this book, you look past my blunders and ramblings and let your Heart see the desperate need for the rest of humanity to realize what is happening and join a stand which can save masses of people who are either being tortured into deadly silence, used for non-consensual remote technological mind control experimentation or are being slowly murdered in ways that APPEAR to be natural deaths.