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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm Feeling a Bit Disturbed. . .

Technological Holocaust
I'm feeling a bit disturbed by something since yesterday:

   When I step back and look at the patterns surrounding the lethal targeting, I realize that absolutely horrific crimes against humanity are being openly committed and prevented from being exposed in the main stream media. 
   So I am getting a bit suspicious as I hear that main stream media is bashing Obama. They are not bashing the torturous murderers who are holding most of humanity captive under already exposed microwave weapons - mind control technologies, drugged water supplies, poisoned foods and lethal eugenics programs...etc. The lowest criminals are being protected by the media and those who try to expose or stop this holocaust are being slandered, targeted, framed for uncommitted crimes, tortured and inconspicuously murdered!

So if main stream media is now suddenly tearing into Obama. . .doesn't this mean he is a good guy?
I'm wondering. Aren't you wondering? No? Damn! Its not just me! HONEST! The whole world has gone insane! ;-)

Seriously, though. I really think I may be onto something here.
I'm still feeling a bit disturbed. ;-)

I'm trying to listen to only my heart but my head is spinning. . .and i am being electronically tortured. . .but my instincts from the start had told me that Obama would be used as the "fall Guy" by the criminals who target humanity. Yes - I could be wrong, but I do not think so at this point. I am actually wondering if Obama has started realizing the depths of this Technological Holocaust and is now being targeted by the criminals who expect EVERYONE to agree with them and serve them - the criminals who are playing God in more ways one. . .although they are too obviously the opposite. We truly are dealing with a HUGE, extremely wealthy, completely dark organization here. Obama is NOT the problem and like I have stated earlier, we are merely enabling the continuation of this crisis if we keep falling for or following a criminal lead that is taking us down roads that blame innocent people and set up false flags and distractions that pull us from the REAL issues. 


We must listen to only the depths of our own Hearts and instincts during this deceitful time in humanity's history. Seriously.

The Heart Bud
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The format of my blog has suddenly just changed. Early this morning the whole blog appeared to have been wiped off the web! My primary Technological Holocaust website appears to have been messed with while I had it downloaded onto my computer to add things to it. Fonts and spacing are being seriously messed with on this blog right now also. And the pay pal button had extra html coding added to it! Its taken me a long time to fix it over and over again. Its not functioning properly. I'm being hit hard on all levels since I delivered papers to the staff at the state house in Concord, NH. But maybe its all "just in my head." ;-)

5-16-2013: I've been hit with severe levels of electronic torture after writing this post. . .to the point of near loss of conciousness  this morning.  I hope to not offend anyone here. I am talking very generally about the media. . .from a OVERALL perspective. I do realize that we have decent honest people in the media and that mind control and silent threats of lawsuits...etc. play a huge roll in what is happening. . .but the results are the same. The media is part the lethal game. . .until enough of it wakes up and cares about humanity enough to expose and help stop the crimes against humanity. This is just simple Truth.