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Friday, May 10, 2013

Digging for Roots With Heart

(Inspired my interactions with activists, other TIs and my own anger) 

I feel that if we continue letting hatred toward the USA government grow we will continue closing doors to any possible opportunities to resolve the critical technological problems humanity now faces.

  Hatred never solves or resolves anything! 

   This holocaustal targeting of humanity is like a lethal illness - in order to cure it we must fully expose/face the problem and then reach into its original roots, instead of only attacking it's symptoms (or what it wants us to blame.) I am completely convinced that the roots of this atrocity extend beyond the USA (as a whole) and into a communistic and sadistic aim for control of the USA, control of humanity. . .and ultimately control of the whole world. As I write this last sentence I shake my head. I know how crazy this sounds. Who, in their right minds, would even consider doing such a thing? Indeed. How could any person, group or nation even begin to think that good can come from preventing human beings from naturally growing and evolving. . .or that good can come from interfering with the Earth's atmosphere and natural rhythms. . .or that good can come from inconspicuous murders to reduce the population, instead of finding legal and functional solutions? 
   Much of what is happening may never be able to be proven, but if we can stop the radio wave - microwave mind control, and the pharmaceutical zombification process that is aiding it, we can start regaining enough clarity and Heart to rise into peaceful solutions for the rest. I know that this may sound foolishly idealistic, under the scope of all that is happening, but it feels better to me than anything else.   
   In order to dig out and expose the core roots of this nightmare. . .we must look beyond, as well as around, the USA government. We must let go of the hate and let our Hearts reach for the good that DOES still exist in our government as well as the rest of humanity. It is NOT "too late" and the whole government has NOT yet been COMPLETELY taken over. This is just what the highest perpetrators of this holocaust want us to think. . .so that we will give up and let them win. There are still good people in our government, but. . .

In order to reach their Hearts we must use ours.

Each time I step back and look at the patterns around the targeting of humanity I see that many governments, around the globe, (the USA included) are like unaware Targeted Individuals who have been slowly numbed into zombified submission through the past few decades. . .and the only way to make them stand up for themselves and the rest of humanity is to let go of the hate and blame and channel our justified anger into doing all that we can to fully expose, to all of humanity, the criminal use of microwave mind control technologies and the highest leaders (the core roots) of these unbelievable crimes against humanity. Lets do it.

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P.S. It appears that the criminals who are hitting humanity with a lethal eugenics program, drugged public water supplies and mind control technologies that are aiding the success of these and other sorts of atrocities. . .WANT to build hatred toward the USA, want to shove us into poverty, want to extend lines to welfare and disability offices, want to crush the middle class, want to manipulate humanity into blaming the wrong people. When we leap to blame Obama we are not seeing the full picture and we are enabling the continuation of the worlds worst holocaust. 

When we look with our Hearts we will See.

May 13, 2012: I have been hit hard since posting this. . .as if being punished. I opened a door that could relieve the USA (in general) from FULL responsibility and am being electronically tortured for it! What does that tell you?