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Monday, May 20, 2013

Closing a Door

[ UPDATE;  I have erased most of this post. There are times when my pain has come out in dysfunctional ways, like it had in this post, especially before I realized the scope of the mind control targeting and the enslavement of those who are used against us.    
      The jist of it is that my youngest daughter's husband was the primary person that was used to convince my daughters that I am just "mentally ill" and that I should be institutionalized...etc., - the primary one used to pounded a wedge between both my daughters and I. In my family of origin, the youngest of my two sisters was that person - the one used in the targeting against me.  ]

Did I foolishly fantasize that all the cruel targeting would go away and let me be a part of my grandson’s life? For a few hours I did. But reality struck again today. And now its time to let my heart close a door that I’d not completely closed before. But my love for my daughters remains. . .and runs as deep as my pain.

But my love for my daughters remains
and runs as deep as my pain.