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Monday, May 6, 2013

Another "Coincidental" Vandalization of my Truck

  In the Spring of 2009 I stored my small RV/truck in an Arizona storage yard after its brakes and engine suddenly became non functional, as I headed up the hills on interstate 40, after having yet another job sabotaged.
   In November 2011 I talked to the owner of the storage yard and expressed excitement over my new job and my plan to fix my truck as soon as I earn enough money to do so. Within a couple weeks after this phone conversation, and while my job was obviously being sabotaged, I got a call from Sargent Williams who said, "Your truck has been broken into. . ." The large rear window had been smashed out by what appeared to have been rocks thrown over a tall fence. No other vehicles in the yard were touched and nothing was stolen. I told him that I am being targeted and that I believe this was part of the targeting. But he said, "It must have just been kids. . ."

  Today I got another phone call from Arizona. "Your truck has been broken into..." the officer said. He investigated the site as we conversed and determined that at least two items were stolen. I told him that I am being targeted and then he said, "Must have just been kids." Then he repeatedly questioned me about the age of the bike that was stolen and exactly how long my truck had been there. (He asked me both of these questions two times.) I guess these must have somehow been the important parts. The woman who was there with him said that he turned away from her and walked away every time he spoke to me, so she could not hear anything. She also stated that no other vehicles or bins were tampered with and that the only other damage to the yard was a fence that was obviously broken to access the yard. "This is weird and not normal," she expressed more than once. Will they target her for knowing, if they are not already. . .or is she just insane also? Was my desperation for money thinking, a couple weeks ago, about selling the items that have just been stolen? No. I must be imagining it.

A Bit of pain filled Sarcasm;  It is obvious to more than just me that I am being targeted. . .but its just that the witnesses are all insane also. . .or they quickly forget things. ;-(  Like when the NH DOT took my Loudon, NH Home - "There was something wrong with that..." more than one person has expressed. The fire Marshal knew that there were suspicious things about the 2001 fire that raged through my Andover NH home (also called Potter Place) - where thousands of dollars in cash, my writings, personal contacts...etc., were destroyed in a room where the fire appeared to have been RE-started. EVERYONE who has witnessed the crap that criminals do to me are just insane, because none of this is really happening. ;-( Actually, I am so insane that I feel guilty for letting my anger come out in this written sarcasm, although I have every right to feel angry and hurt, especially since there is still no help or protection or investigations. . .and no care from estranged loved ones.
   Today's incident is just a VERY small part of what has been happening for far too long. But the only reason I see something wrong with ANY of this is because I am insane.