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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Again. . .Back to the Heart Bud

The fourth issue of the Heart Bud is yearning to spread its wings a bit higher than the last one, but it needs sponsorship for printing and distribution expenses.

Please Help Sponsor the Heart Bud

The Heart Bud Reaches for the Heart of Humanity While Exposing Mind Control Technologies and the Plight of Primary Targeted Individuals. Please let your heart read and share it:http://www.theheartbud.com/PrintedHB3.pdf


I am still in deep need of substantial amounts of financial help, for my own survival as well as my ability to continue improving upon and printing the Heart Bud. Please help me to help humanity.

Sharon Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057


 [UPDATE;   I have erased the PS that was here, because it was a venting of my anger, which was probably mostly technologically induced and should have been done in private. Sometimes I forget how public this blog is and vent in it as if it were my personal journal. Those who are being tortured can understand. But I guess all I can ask is that the rest of you try to and excuse and ignore my angry outbursts. I am actually a calm and patient person who is not prone to anger. . .when my brain is not being lasered and I am not being harassed and tortured.
  I am sorry if this post had offended anyone. In my worst fits of microwaved anger I perceived puppets who stalked me as cowards who are a disgrace to this country, like I had posted here. In between heavy rounds of technological targeting of my brain, I see them for what many of them seem to be....enslaved mind control victims who think they are fighting for freedom while being used to help destroy harmless people like me. Its all just too sad. God help us all to be totally set free.