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Sunday, May 19, 2013

A New Born Baby!

   I was surprised when I got the call from my daughter's husband announcing the birth of my first grandson, because the walls that the targeting has built between my daughters and I are tall and strong and he helped to build them. But a deep love remains in my heart for her.
   My aim to visit my daughter today was an important event, not only to welcome my first grandchild into the world - it was also to be the first visit with my daughter in a couple years.
   Those who target me/us were trying to make me think that something would happen to me if I went to see her - they were trying to fuel my concern of family members forcing me into institutionalization and having me declared "mentally ill." One of the messages they gave me stated that if I go to the hospital I will not be allowed to leave. I was also being more heavily swarmed by stalkers, a this time. I knew it may all be just more terror tactics and not a set up for this to actually happen. . .so I walked through the wall and went to the hospital anyway.
   As I headed for the elevator in the hospital an employee walked in with me and said "I sometimes work in the maternity ward." I responded with, "That must be fun." He got quiet. . .and then just as I headed off the elevator he sadistically called out, "The psych ward is real fun." I found myself giving him a stern look and saying, "They need compassion." The kid was obviously one of the stalker/harasser puppets who were trying to scare me.
   I arrived at my daughter's room when two nurses had just gone in to try to show her different nursing techniques. They stayed and fussed over her, OBVIOUSLY more than the norm. My daughter had even repeatedly told them she was "all set" and then "I have the baby's head. . ." But they stayed and hovered obviously pretending to be helpful. . .trying to force the baby to eat although he was not yet hungry enough. . .and my daughter looked at me and apologized at least once, although I am sure she did not realize that they were intentionally preventing our visit.
   Her husband pressured me to go to the cafeteria with him while the nurses showed no sign of letting me even get close to my daughter's bed. I reluctantly went and when I got back the nurses were either back or still there and my daughter was frustrated and kept excusing them but they ignored her and stayed. By within about an hour I was being heavily microwaved and the baby got fussy. "He's not usually like this" my daughter said as she again apologized to me just before I had to leave.

   Apparently the birth had been a difficult one. And my daughter told me that last night, the baby got fussy and a nurse brought in a new wrap and told her it may help, just before he started having a hard time breathing and began breaking out in a rash. . .all of which began getting better after he was removed from the wrap. Coincidence? Was he allergic to the wrap or was the wrap used as an "allergy" excuse for microwaving or something else that his little body reacted to? I believe that something was intentionally done to him.
   These little chains of events can be easily viewed as coincidences to anyone who does not understand covert sadistic targeting and how rampant it is  in our medical professions. Though some things really are "coincidences" many things aren't and it is all done so covertly that its difficult for even an aware person to be sure which is which. Until decent people start becoming aware of the criminal targeting of unaware families and begin preventing sadistic criminals from working in environments like hospitals. . .the targeting can only continue to grow. Please help it to stop growing and start stopping.

   I want, with all my heart, to be there for my daughter through this time, but the targeting may make this impossible for her to even want me to be. . .and it may be too unhealthy for my grandson, because she and her husband are not aware of the targeting and are too susceptible, due to that lack of awareness. Either way, the chances for my grandson to be experimented on with microwave weapons, by the criminals who did the same to his mother and Aunt since they were children. . .is a bit too high for me to even want to think about, because there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop it, without the awareness of his parents. A time that should be happy and exciting is merely raising concerns, because the lethal targeting of our family relentlessly continues with no help in sight.

P.S. I've had prophetic dreams that show my grandson being targeted and constantly crying and my daughter not knowing what to do. One of the dreams showed him ending up with some sort of deformity in his abdominal or hip area. Will this actually happen? Are these sadists so sick that they'd harm a little new born child? Can it be prevented? Can anyone out there care to help and protect this little baby?