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Thursday, March 14, 2013

We Know

 We Know
by Sharon R. Poet

Eyes become blind
As darkness entangles
Controlled minds


They bury proof
In graves of those
Who uncover Truth

Truth is passed
From soul to soul
Within our Hearts
We Know

The above poem was inspired by an experience I had last night: I foolishly tolerated another degrading phone call from an unaware severe mind control victim who ripped into me for over TWO HOURS! But I let the Light wash away the darkness he surrounded me with.

The lyrics to the following song have meant a lot to me since the late 1990s. Sometimes, when I'm surrounded by the most evil parts of the targeting, (Like what speaks through those who intensely degrade me or my writings and try to convince me that I am "mentally ill" and that none of this is really happening...etc.) I close my eyes and imagine myself being surrounded by white Angels who understand and care and hold me in their Love. This often induces healthy tears and a level of comfort that would not be found through my loved ones even if they could be here for me.

I'm being heavily microwaved again today.  As for the Bully groups (gangstalkers) I am being heavily swarmed at times - so much so that if I keep trying to expose them I'd have no time or energy left to do my work, so I'm now ignoring them as much as I can, (Producing the Heart Bud and bringing public awareness to humanity being assaulted with lethal microwaves and mind control technologies is more important) although the bully groups are a bit difficult to ignore when I step out of a public bathroom and walk into a wall of at least five of them. "Oh excuse me" one of them innocently said as he bumped into me when I tried to squeeze past. Same as usual, actually, but vamped up a bit. They are definitely trying to intimidate me or are trying to get me to react negatively so they can do their usual pointing a finger at their victims and try to make us look like the "bad guys." Sometimes I wonder how these people live with themselves. When I thought of them and searched my heart this morning the following words came to me: 

"Would ALL of the perpetrators of this holocaust please stand up and sing 'Amazing Grace,' especially the part that says, 'I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see' over and over and over again until you are found - until you fully See what you are doing and return to your Hearts."

Evening: (8:40 pm) SEVERE levels of microwaves aimed at head, abdomen and chest.

3-15-13: Recovery from last night may take a while. This morning I'm left with slurred speech, weakness, nausea and a temp of 96.8...etc. But am going to do my best to still work at selling ads for the Heart Bud, since I was not able to yesterday. The puppets are getting more blatant - the same red Chevy pickup following me to two places and parked near me, within about an hour this morning. This is probably on security cameras in surrounding businesses, but I have no law enforcement to help me check them, because well. . .some say that. . ."this is all not really happening" and "its all in my head". . .even when its on security cameras. But I am glad to be remaining strong enough to know better. I know the puppets are trying hard to scare, intimidate and distract me, but its not working. I actually find it easier when they are more obvious. It gives me a chance to talk to them like I did this morning. Am I a fool for thinking I may be able to reach their Hearts and help them to stop engaging in criminal stalking and harassment campaigns against people? Maybe. Most of them may be either too far gone or too dark to be receptive. But sometimes I try anyway. The driver side mirror on my car was moved again last night. Guess they still want me to know that they come to my car while I'm sleeping. I already knew.

3-16-13: I'm feeling a bit better than I was yesterday - the usual roller-coaster ride. But am still being microwaved. I am being completely blocked from the internet on most mornings lately. . .and the local library just suddenly started requesting a full log in of a customer's name when getting a pass to use a public computer. But its enabling me to catch up on other things, instead of being on the internet. Still moving forward with the Heart Bud, although it looks like parts of this community are already being manipulated. A few people have backed out of placing ads, but a few gladly aim to support me. Some of the business owners are involved in the gangstalking. . .so this is not easy, but I'm learning to roll from the head games and manipulations and time wasting tactics. . . and just keep moving on, because (thank God) most business owners are decent people who would never engage in harassing or manipulating or slandering or bullying. . . and I enjoy them.