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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Reaching for Strength

I was completely blocked from the internet (in 6 places in a row) throughout this morning. . .and so it is VERY possible that my writings were being altered through that time.

 (continued from previous post)

I was told that my father, sisters and older brother (together) wrote, and omitted my daughters and I from, my step mother's obituary. It appears this is the way they wanted to let us know that we are no longer a part of the family. My daughter April cried and was the first to notice and let me know. It didn't hit me until I realized that it was done by more than just my sisters. . .by my dad and brother also. Ouch! - Ouch although I believe that this is due to microwave mind control enhancing what was already there, especially in my sisters. . . who heavily influence others. My visit with my father may not have gone so well if my Uncle had not been there. I am glad he was there. 
   This doesn't really change anything for me. I have been mostly separate from them since the targeting did its first vamping up - since the early 1990s, which is mostly NOT due to my choosing, although most of them think it is. They have never been here for me, not even when I was homeless and scared and sick and literally knocking on their doors and begging them for help about a year ago. 

Though I'm glad I found the heart to feel for and offer to help my father, before knowing that the opposite was being delivered to me. . .it appears to be time for me to finish letting go. 

To  those who are intentionally trying to hurt me, at such a time, I wish I could say it does not hurt. . .although it does. I hope they find their Hearts, for their own sakes.

Due to being shunned from the family funeral I never went to say good-bye to my step mother and that hurts too. I'd called the funeral home within two hours after the services, but they said she had already been cremated. BUT I meant, from the bottom of my heart, what I wrote in the online guest book: http://www.frenchandrising.com/_mgxroot/page_10780.php?id=1192739 

It was nice to talk to one of my daughters and see the other one although the walls between us remain too tall due to their inability to deal with my homeless, destitute and targeted situation. . .and my inability to help them to realize the targeting or make it all magically disappear for them. I was informed that my youngest daughter is 7 months pregnant. I cried. (She said she'd sent emails to announce - emails that I never received.) Many years ago I had sooooo looked forward to being a grandmother. But, with what I now know about our whole family being targeted with microwave weapons, it scares me to see another child being brought into such abuse. Something else that I will need to put in God's hands, because there is nothing I can do about it.

 As I begin coming out of shock and the chaos surrounding my step mother's death, I am looking back over a series of events:

2002/2003: After my little brother's death I began having dreams about a darkness harming my family members and that my step mother Pauline would die. (This was a precognitive dream that I got heavily targeted for sharing.)

About a month ago: I announce that I am putting out the third issue of the Heart Bud publication and that it will expose humanity being under attack by microwave weapons and mind control technologies. ( knew this would trigger heavy targeting and possibly even my death, because I have gotten many threats to stop writing.)

2-28-13: I had a dream, while my head was being microwaved, which put out a message that said, "She is on the hit list." (I believe this was a threat projected into my brain by those who target us with microwave weapons. At first I had assumed it was another threat against my daughter.)

3-2-13: A couple of puppets following me into a restaurant, sat near me and loudly talked about someone named "Sharon" and "making arrangements for a funeral." (Similar things have been happening through the past month.)

3-27-13: Pauline dies after being struck with a final sudden decline in her health  "about a month ago," both my brother and father said.

Future issues of the Heart Bud will also include articles about the microwave weapons and mind control technologies that humanity is being harmed by. As I resurrect my work I'm being heavily targeted, while still living in my car and barely surviving, so I deeply need your financial support for both myself and the Heart Bud. Please help us - please help us to help humanity.

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