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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Please Help Support the Heart Bud

Future issues of the Heart Bud will also include articles about the microwave weapons and mind control technologies that humanity is being harmed by. As I resurrect my work I'm being heavily targeted, while still living in my car and barely surviving, so I deeply need your financial support for both myself and the Heart Bud. Please help us.


Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

  If anything disastrous or unusual happens to me, my vehicle, any of my advertisers or supporters, any of my estranged loved ones or even the area I'm working in, during or shortly after this time of my AGAIN trying to produce this third issue of the Heart Bud, please consider it proof of a targeting and let it raise red flags against the lethal microwave targeting of humanity, as well as community bully - stalking and harassment groups that are being used to target those of us who aim to expose it.

   The targeting had tapered off, and was sort of off and on, after a kind FBI agent called me on the 14th of February. But its now back to being so severe that its difficult to function. Every morning it takes all I have in me to find the physical strength to work. In the course of talking to business owners for Heart Bud sponsorship, it appears that there may be local people who are being targeted with microwaves just for realizing that the USA is in trouble and for being unhappy about its plight...etc. 

   A few nights ago I woke due to being hit so hard in the chest (with microwaves or some sort of laser weapon) that my heart began flying out of control. I know that this was not a natural symptom, because when I shielded my heart and turned my heart began beating normal and I was hit in the back with what felt like a laser weapon, which left some nerve damage for a couple days. This is not the first time that the criminals who target me appear to be trying to give me a heart attack.

    As I was passing through a small town today I began feeling sick from being hit so hard with microwaves and pulled into a church parking lot to rest. About two hours later I woke to a police officer banging on my window and asking me to open the door. I rolled down the window a little and answered his questions, which showed that he already knew who I was, although he pretended not to. They ended up accepting my remaining in my car and let me go, perhaps because I said I was waiting to meet someone. I hadn't opened the door, because I felt that if I had, I may have been in trouble although I'd done nothing wrong. This officer looked like the same one who'd terrorized me in 2011 when I'd tried to report a nearly lethal episode of the targeting.

   Last night my oldest daughter's X boyfriend told me that he thinks he is also a long term Targeted Individual. I fully believe him, due to things I'd witnessed. I feel that he is a target, as was my daughter and her dog Paddy while they were living together. (Paddy suddenly started having seizures after my daughter purchased him. Previous owners said he'd not had that problem before.)

Through an experience I had in a web forum, I am wondering how many long term Primary Targeted Individuals become perpetrators and never realize that they are also victims of what they work for. They appear to be unaware victims of mind control technologies.

? "Write a Book" ?

 The most satanic instigators of this targeting keep suggesting that I write a book. Last year one of them had even offered for me to go live in her house and write one. Lately they say I am choosing between this and writing a book, but this is not true. I have no fair choices while being targeted. On a personal level I need nothing more than that sort of writing, but I'm not able to do it because of the targeting and destitution, which completely deprives me of the privacy and protection I'd need for such a project.
   I am NOT going to spend what little seems left of my energy and life writing a new book for these criminals to AGAIN plagiarize and fool the public with. (Update; I have however, put my web writings into books as another mode of protection and distribution.)

Healing can only begin AFTER the trauma is over

   I still desperately need a miracle to lift me into a place of protection and inner healing. This can not be done while being tortured and surveilled. Until the safety and privacy I need is here. . .what's left of me is going into doing what I can to help spread public awareness with the Heart Bud. I wish I could do both, but can't, at this point it time. I have no freedom - no choice - no chance to FULLY do what I need to be doing with my life. But I can aim to do this part of it - I can aim to produce the third issue of the Heart Bud. And that is all I can handle while living in my car and getting tortured with microwave weapons...etc. Even this feels like too much for me to effectively do under such conditions. But I must give it my best shot, because the only alternative is doing nothing.

3-18-13: A round of SEVERE levels of microwave torture suddenly backed off around 10am +-. Feels like they were trying to give me a lobotomy! Am still not functioning well. Typing is slower than molasses!

P.S. Oddly, there exists a pattern of sudden breaks from microwave attacks often happening directly after I publicly post their existence. 

3-19-13: This morning I was told a strange story about a red truck flipping upside down...etc., by what appeared to be another high ranking perpetrator, who also tried AGAIN to convince me that these technologies are only just now being developed and are "on the horizon." In my heart I KNOW this is not true. The big push right now appears to be to cover up the time frame of the developments of these technologies and to manipulate us into blaming only the USA government. 

3-20-13: I still feel that much of this remote microwave targeting is coming from beyond our own government; that many members of our governments are also unaware victims of remote mind control.

It appears that some of my writings have been again altered while I've been (off and on) blocked from the internet and hit hard with microwaves and laser weapons. . .in the past week or so. 

3-21-13: Is it a coincidence that a truck had flipping upside down in front of my daughter's house house? Her fb account of this accident did not mention the color. I wonder if it was the "red truck" which the puppet told me about BEFORE it happened.

Pennies are now being left in my car...etc., again. Guess they still want me to know that they invade my privacy. I already knew.