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Friday, March 22, 2013

More Than Just a "National Security Letter"

The Targeting of Individuals is Sometimes More than Just the Result of a Criminal Issuance of a "National Security Letter"

Many have told me that I have a "National Security Letter" written against me and that this is why I'm being targeted in the manor I am. Though there may be SOME truth in this, I believe these crimes also extend far beyond these possible patriotic targetings - I believe that the criminals who targeted my family for the purpose of remote technological experimentation, are also using our own covert security system against those of us whom they perceive as a threat to their secrecy and success. Consequently we experience two levels of targeting. 1. We are targeted by those who believe  lies that label us a potential threat to either other people or our country. And 2. We are also targeted by members of what appears to be a satanic occult which utilizes mind control technologies through the past several decades.

I understand that it would be better for me to just shut up and "Stand Down." There are times when I almost convince myself to do so. But the more they come at me and threaten me or my children, the more determined I become because, in my heart I feel that these criminals will succeed if too many of us keep letting our fear back down or keep pretending that these crimes against humanity and our countries are not really happening. . .and I feel that there is no hope for the future freedom and health of humanity if we let them succeed.

   I understand that those whom I talk to and get close to become victims of mind control technologies, in efforts to raise disbelief in what I say. I understand that I may be crucified in the way of never being believed and possibly even being labeled as insane and shoved into an institution for further destruction. I understand that the most evil parts of this operation may be again trying to frame me for some sort of crime in an effort to have me incarcerated, which could also finish destroying me. I understand that if they can not succeed with these aims, they may murder me in a way that will appear like a natural, accidental or suicidal death. These sorts of patterns have already been well established for those who care to look deep enough into the history of this operation and what has happened to those who've tried to expose it.

   I am being hit hard with microwaves again this morning. I am also again trying to fix my website.