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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bringing Public Awareness to Community Bullying

This is not the first time that Bully Groups aim to sabotage my work. Its been an obvious ongoing thing since at least 2001. Most of my life has already been destroyed by the criminals who target me in a few different ways. But I'm trying not to give up - not to let them finish winning. So I'm making a stand to put out a new issue of my publication - The Heart Bud, which plans to help expose harmful microwave (mind control)  technologies, as well as containing the usual articles about using natural healing methods and bringing more Heart into humanity...etc. As I do this I am still being harassed by people who appear to belong to organized bullying groups (also called organized stalking and harassment groups or "gang stalking" groups). Since there is still no law enforcement help for most victims of this growing crime I'm going to start publicly posting events along with names and plate numbers when I can identify one of them and feel at least 99% sure of their involvement.

Since these criminals seem to have no conscience when it comes to bullying - harassing, stalking and threatening people, perhaps they can be publicly shamed into stopping such criminal behaviors. I encourage other Targeted Individuals to do the same. BUT have these criminal groups infiltrated our communities so heavily that those who speak out against it are the ones who are degraded and looked down upon? Time will tell. Lets hope not. Although the bullies who were harassing me at Wall-Mart in Concord, NH last year manipulated things to make it look like I was the one who was doing the harassing. . .and nobody cared to investigate and find the Truth.

Though many of these bullies are obvious sadistic occult members, I do realize that SOME of those who stalk and harass me THINK they are protecting their community and are acting on lies that are fed to them through a corrupt neighborhood watch type of system. I think the girl I mention below is in this category. (These are the ones I call "puppets") But I still see them as criminals, because this is NOT a functional or legal way to deal with ANYONE - not even REAL "suspected terrorists" or "pedophiles". . .or whatever else the criminals may have us listed as in their black market program. Their behaviors are cruel and inhumane and should not be allowed to continue. 
    I wonder if any of these puppets are wise enough to do a LEGAL background check on the people they are targeting. . .so they could realize that they are hurting and even being accomplices to the destruction of people who are witnesses to technologies that are harming them and their loved ones as much as the rest of humanity - that we are innocent people who have been hit listed in their criminal program as part of a sadistic effort to destroy us and prevent the public from realizing that what we say is true? I wonder how many of them just blindly follow their criminal leaders without even questioning it or thinking about it. I wonder if they are even allowed to question or leave the bully groups.

The Heart Bud and I Need Your Help
Please help us.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

   It appears that the targeting is getting vamped up, as I thought it would after I'd gotten a couple advertisers for the Heart Bud last Thursday. This is why I am publicizing what I'm doing. The criminals know so it is best that the rest of you do also. One of the shops that placed an ad was swarmed by one supposed buyer after another while I tried to talk to the owner. Like most covert organized crime tactics, this can be seen as "normal" to onlookers, but when it happens to EVERY business I go into. . .even at times that are not normally busy. . .it becomes obvious to me. (Such is the way with covert gang stalking
   I'm talking to my customers about being targeted so they can take notice, and also make note of and report, anyone who tries to slander me, which is another gang stalking tactic. However, this may lessen the amount of support I get, because it appears that many people are afraid of community bullies and the covert difficulties they can cause for even those who support me. It appeared that at least some of my past advertisers were targeted! This is why I had pulled away from getting sponsors and had tried to fund my work through other jobs. But I now realize that the lethal targeting with microwave weapons and gang stalking groups is so wide spread that ALL of humanity will suffer indescribably if it is not exposed. I return to finding sponsors with the prayer that covert targetings will be exposed and ALL of humanity can be freed from it. 

   Literally EVERY time I take a shower, at a Planet Fitness, the toilets are repeatedly flushed, which drastically alters the water temp and pressure. I had been ignoring it, but am now making note of who is doing it. One of them appeared to enjoy repeatedly flushing toilets, while pretending to be cleaning the bathroom, as I took a shower this morning. Is she part of a gang stalking group or just a foolish kid who's letting herself be manipulated by them. . .or could it be that she just happened to really be cleaning and was not aware of the effects of her flushing toilets while a customer is in the shower? This was around 9:30 am and it is my understanding that the night crew are the ones who clean bathrooms that thoroughly. And she was working the desk just before and after this. . .and was not wearing cleaning gloves and had no cleaning solutions out. (I got out of the shower to check.) Due to this and some of her comments, there is absolutely no doubt in MY mind that she is either part of, or is gladly being manipulated by, an organized stalking and harassment group.

3-11-13 - between 8:45 and 8:49 am: As I walked out of a gas station I noticed that a black sedan had pulled up behind my car and appeared to be taking a picture of me. 3pm: There is suddenly something wrong with the brakes on my car and smell something like rubber burning when I drive it. Will share more later.

3-12-13: Since around 3 or 4 pm yesterday I've been heavily hit with microwave blasts. Last night, it appeared that laser blasts were aimed at my chest. When I turned to shield my heart I was hit hard with what felt like a laser shot to my back. It appears to have done some nerve damage to the right side of my upper torso. The pain was so severe I couldn't breath for a minute or so. Several hours later, I'm still experiencing pain behind my right shoulder blade and into my right arm, shoulder and neck. . . as well as tingling in my right arm and hand.
   I knew that in making this stand with my work, I may be hit hard and possibly even killed in a way that appears like a natural death. . .or possibly framed by local bully group members, in conjunction with technological manipulations. And I must continue because the only alternative is to just curl up and shut up and give up and let the people I love, and the rest of humanity, remain technological guinea pigs for criminals who seem to have no regard for any aspect of our lives. I pray for these criminals to find the Heart to realize how horribly wrong it is to be targeting us this way - for them to realize that though they may not see our value in humanity, it DOES exist. I pray for our freedom. . .and that anything that may happen to me be used to help attain freedom from this atrocity for the rest of humanity. . .especially for future generations of my family, which I believe has been targeted for remote technological experimentation since at least the mid 1970s. I pray for our freedom.

3-13-13: I have almost fully recovered from the last severe microwave attack, which continued through most of yesterday with heavy swarms of puppets. Someone was accessing my email this morning - as I tried to reply to an email my screen froze up and even another web page popped up on my computer with my open email on it!
   If anything disastrous happens to me, any of my advertisers, or any of my loved ones, during or directly after this time of my putting out this publication, please consider it yet another link in a pattern that has already been well established. . .and let it raise red flags against this lethal targeting of humanity and especially those who try to expose it.

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