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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Let Us Grieve

World of Stone
by Sharon R. Poet
We've grown too scared 
To grieve in this world of stone
Where tears timidly sneak out 
Only when we're alone.
"Depression" the new label 
For pain that is shown
And "paranoid" for those 
Who see what is wrong.

  This poem was inspired by my experiences as a Primary Targeted Individual and the song, "Concrete Angel" written by Rob Crosby and Stephanie Bentley. As I listened to it, my tears released some of my pain and I saw Targeted Individuals as abused children in a world that is not here for us; only in our dreams do we escape and find safety; every day like a prison where we are forced to learn how to survive being tortured; too many of us being threatened into silence; too many of us hiding accumulating bruises for those who can't care or understand; too many tortured victims fighting to also save those who can not help us; neighbors, friends and relatives passively watching and doing nothing; too many of us being inconspicuously murdered; too many of us crumbling under the cruelest levels of psychological and physical torture - too many of us standing too painfully alone while "bearing the burden of a secret storm" - hardening into "broken hearts that the world forgot." I grieve.

Concrete angel lyrics - Martina McBride


Its OK to Cry.

Crying is like giving the Heart a shower
To wash away accumulated dirt.


 I dream of the day
When we stand in the Light
Gazing upon the birth of a sunrise
Holding the pieces of our shattered lives
Not knowing how to restore them
But feeling that we can
Because we are free.
I dream.

P.S. My computer, email account and this blog are still being criminally accessed! I have been doing the best I can to keep up with correcting changes to my writings, but am sure I'm not completely successful, so please just be aware. Listen to only the heart of your own instincts. . .even with my writings. Stats on the websites I pay for are still being disabled even after asking for the issue to be fixed. 

3-6-13: Thanks to three angels, my car has been fixed and has an inspection sticker on it. . .and I am able to continue living in it until my miracle happens. The oil filter was found mostly unscrewed AGAIN! This is one of the many subtly damaging recurring themes with my vehicles.