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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Calling All Hearts to Rise

   I just found some of my storage saturated with water, which seemed to have no way of naturally getting into my storage bin! Another mysterious sabotage attempt? Flooding my belongings with water has been an ongoing pattern with the gang stalkers since 2005. The front license plate on my car is suddenly missing and I was stopped by a police officer who gave me a "warning" ticket for it. I got a call from an FBI agent, after sending two certified letters begging for help. He asked for more information, I sent it although it is difficult to get organized in this situation where it appears that one of the stalkers had tried accessing my car while I was in it and writing the letter. I got no microwave attacks around the time when the FBI agent called. In fact I was not hit hard again until the night of the 15th. And now it has again subsided. Those who target us seem to know when law enforcement is focused on us. (This is high tech organized crime at its hellish best!) And in my heart I know that there is no way of proving what is happening without the proper help. Will HONEST agencies and people step forward to accurately test and help victims? I pray so, because this is our only hope.

   I of course have mixed feelings about the FBI, because of the horror stories I hear from other Targeted Individuals who have been forced into institutions and false "mental illness" diagnosis by their own families as well as FBI and other law enforcement agencies who are either not aware of what is really happening or are possibly even part of the organization that targets us. And I know at least one member of my family who appears so mind controlled that she'd leap at the chance to finish crushing me, even though it would hurt ALL of us in the long run. I guess time will tell what will happen next and all I can do is keep praying for the Light to shine into it.

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2-19-13: I have recently been degraded and told that my writings "are NOTHING and are doing NOTHING to help TIs...etc." This person has also insinuated that I will not be helped by a group of TIs unless I abandon my own writings and move in with one of them and join their group and lawsuit. So I guess I am not being helped by them, because I must stand firm in my need to follow my own heart and not knuckle under to such degrading control and manipulation. . .not even from possible fellow TIs. 
   My heart is telling me to NOT join this group and law suit. . .and to NOT live with anyone, because it makes the targeting vamp us and merely adds to my distress at a time when I already have too much to deal with and need to put the little energy I have left into my writings - my life's work, which I am still hoping can help some of us.
    I prefer to listen to my instincts and continue toughing it out - alone in my car, until I can find or create a solution that is healthy for me. . .so that I can freely continue following my heart into my writings...etc. I feel sorry for those who can not respect or understand my need to follow my own heart and instincts(Microwave attacks have vamped up since I made this stand!)

Sometimes we must stand alone - away from the controlling discord, in order to follow that little voice that echos from the depths of our own hearts. . .and leads us into our True purpose.