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Monday, January 14, 2013

Technological Holocaust - New Paper on Mind Control

The following 4 page article focuses primarily on bringing public awareness to the history of remote Mind Control Technologies and their use on us since at least the 1970s. Please feel free to print it out and share it as long as no changes are made to it.

Technological Holocaust - Mind Control Steals Hope

I'm in desperate need of substantial amounts of financial 
help within the next few weeks! Please help me.
    I appreciate the offers to live with other "Targeted Individuals." Unfortunately, I have been targeted for so long and lured to so many places, by perpetrators who pretend to be functional TIs, and seem to have mastered the art of masking their True intentions, while drugging me and blasting my brain with microwaves. . .that I dare not run the risk of being drugged and raped or God knows what else again. And I can not live with non TIs because that tends to turn them into targets. Please believe that I have already repeatedly tried every avenue. Every place I turn to ends up being extremely temporary due to being surrounded by the chaos of gang stalkers and remote mind control manipulations, which, when involving other people, can be worse than just living in a car by myself.
   Because my businesses, jobs and vehicles continue being sabotaged as my health continues to fade, I'm up against a wall here and there seems nothing more I can do, but keep asking for the kind of help I need and praying for a miracle that can deliver it within the next few weeks. Monetary help is the only type of help I need, so that I can make my own choices on where to live...etc. Even just enough money to purchase a functional vehicle for me to live in would be VERY helpful right now. Please let your heart help me.
I am still homeless when not in uncomfortable, temporary and unsafe situations. I am in desperate need of substantial amounts of financial assistance, in order to provide myself with the safety and protection I need. This is not a game. Its not a joke. Its not a scam.  Please let your heart help me.


Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

(snail mail is the best way to send help)

I have been surviving by focusing on bringing public awareness to this atrocity that we are ALL being deeply hurt by. I know I can't do much but its the best I can do under the circumstances. Am still being literally tortured with remote microwave weapons and the relentless puppets - gang stalkers. Same old same old. The difference is that my general health is worse and my vehicle situation is worse.

1/18/13: I was hit hard with microwaves since last Saturday! The night of the 15th I was severely tortured all night. Perhaps because it was my daughter's birthday on the 16th? My accounts continue being accessed and my writings continue being altered. I am still blocked from my primary fb account and someone else has a fb account with my name, which advertizes photos, but may be in place for another future purpose. Please know it is not me. As for my writings, things sometimes get added, changed or deleted, in order to confuse people or make me look bad or prevent important facts from being exposed. A recent theme also seems to be to make me appear like I only want recognition or am not a real TI. My consolation is. . . in my heart I know that Light will shine on the TRUTHS in the end. . .even of not in my life time.

1/19/13: I have a deep concern that perpetrators of this holocaust are still moving into positions where they will be the ones to inform the public and "help" or lead Targeted Individuals.

   I must be hitting on accurate information, because I am suddenly swarmed by stalkers who are trying to feed me misinformation and make me reveal my proof so that it can be destroyed...etc.

 1/21/13: Recent invasive changes to my writings (which I found) were to the html coding in www.targetedinamerica.com website, in order to prevent search engines from picking up on my"Mind Control" page "Agenda 21" page, my "Unnatural Disasters" page, and the "Depopulation Operation" page. Please check out these pages and print out all scientific information that their links lead to.