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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Symptoms of Mind Control Targeting

Radio wave mind control can be virtually unnoticeable but has the devastating effect of interfering with (or blocking) our natural process of personal and spiritual growth. . .as well as the loss of our freedom to think and feel in the ways that we need to. The ramifications of allowing this to continue can not be over stated!

   Heavily targeted individuals can experience symptoms that range from periods of unusual stress, mental confusion, forgetfulness, unusual or repetitive thoughts and mood swings, giddiness, immune system problems, diminished hearing and eye sight, body bloating, dehydration, unusual head and body aches, diminished eye sight and hearing and blocked emotions. . .to symptoms that mimic schizophrenia, nervous breakdowns, brain damage, blindness, paralysis...etc. (Severe victims can be forced into things like lethal shootings at schools or navy yards.) Long term experiment cases can also have unusual tooth decay, ridges on finger nails, chains of unusual medial problems, unusual dry scalp,  unusual discord between family members...etc.

This list of symptoms are some of the ones I have either experienced or witnessed in other victims. (A few of them are those that I have only heard about) It appears that most heavily Targeted Individuals only have some of these symptoms. We are often targeted in different ways so there may also be symptoms that I do not listed here. Symptoms may come on suddenly and then disappear as quickly. . .or may slowly increase and continue almost constantly. There are many variables. I hear that it depends on which program we are on.

* Stunted Personal and Spiritual Growth:  A serious hindrance to our natural process of growing and evolving into all that we were born to be.

* High Pitched Ringing in Ears: Can be so faint that victims may not even notice. 

* Zombification: Mental numbness that can become so severe that it is difficult to focus, make decisions and think clearly.

* Brain Farts: (gotta hold onto my sense of humor!) Intrusions into our brains can cause interrupted thoughts or speech, dizziness, forgetfulness, mental fatigue...etc.

* Forced Speech: Saying things and not knowing why you said them. . .a "where did that come from" sort of feeling. Sometimes even sudden episodes of gibberish talk - making no sense (rare)

* Obsessions: Sudden unusual obsessions (either for or against someone or something)

* Memory loss: This can range from short bouts of memory loss to severe permanent complete loss of memory. Can also be in the form of mental blocks in certain areas or in regards to certain subjects.

* Nausea: Can range from short mild episodes to severe vomiting.

* Unusual Dreams with Unusual Messages: Psychotronic weapons are reported to be able to project voices, as well as visual effects, into our brains. . .in the form of dreams. I have experienced
a lot of this. And had thought it was my own dreams until I learned that I was targeted and began realizing the difference between projected dreams and my own dreams.

* Nerve Irritation or Damage: Periods of altered depth perception, eye sight and hearing. . .also numbness in lips, face or right arm, unusual head aches, bouts of small sharp pains shooting into head, deep pain behind right eye and eye brow, pain down back right side of head, muscle or nerve twitching in eyes or other parts of face, burning sensation in mouth, aching teeth and swollen gums...etc.

* Coordination Problems: Sudden bouts of malfunctions in coordination and depth perception.

* Symptoms that Mimic Mental Illness: Victims can experience sudden mood swings and feel anxious -  like they know something horrible is happening to them, but can not figure out what it is. Victims and/or their loved ones can easily assume it is a "mental illness" due to lack of awareness of remote mind control technologies. Also, when we explain our experiences with covert harassment groups it can sound like paranoia to unaware people. And, sadly, some doctors are more than happy to prescribe medications that are NOT needed and WILL aid the complete success of technological mind control. 

 V2K (Voice to Skull) - voices that are technologically projected are reported to be common in Targeted Individuals. Allthough I've not experienced this, in the ways others have, I fully believe that it is happening. 
   The technologically projected voices/messages can also be directed at people who are near us, in order to make them think we are saying foul things...etc. (This appears to have been done to me on an uncountable number of occasions.)

* Misdiagnosis: Falsely labeling Targeted Individuals as "mentally ill" is one of the worst parts of this, because it forces 'help' in ways that are NOT needed and completely prevents help in the ways that are DESPERATELY needed.

* Seizures: Sudden seizures for no apparent reason.

* Neurological Problems: Sudden unexplainable neurological problems, which can range from mild numbness in various parts of body. . .to sudden brain damage with severe altercations to speech, motor skills and memory.

* Personality Change: Slow or sudden altered belief systems, taste, desires, preferences, values, morals ...etc.

 * Mood Swings: Unusual episodes of depression, anger, anxiety, crying, laughing...etc. (possibly misdiagnosed as "bipolar...")

* Heat and Energy Flashes: Sudden rushes of heat in head.

* Unauthorized Surveillance Symptoms: Feeling like we are being watched when there appears to be no body there.

* Stunted Personal and Spiritual Growth:  A serious hindrance to our natural process of growing and evolving into all that we were born to be. 

Primary Targeted Individuals can also experience extremely painful and obvious remote electronic tortures...etc. Find a more on www.targetedinamerica.com


We are unheard victims lost beneath their lies.
We are the tortured ones put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded begging for your aide
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade. 

P.S. My writings continue to be altered and interfered with. The "Symptoms of Targeting" link on my website had been being altered, so am placing it here as well and am still restoring it. Those who target us are also somehow duplicating pages of my blog and possibly web site - arranging it so that their fake and altered pages are the ones that the public sees at least some of the time. It also appears that my titles are suddenly being heavily used by web stalkers, especially the "Technological Holocaust" one. Basically, they are doing all they can to prevent my writings from being seen by the public.

2-1-13: I had a page entitled "In Dreams" which appears to have been erased from this blog. But I found this post (dated Feb 2012) although its not the one that was in the pages to the right of this blog, it was what instigated it. Its a bit negative. I have learned a lot since I wrote it. But here it is:  http://sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com/2012/02/dieing-dreams.html

My search for the dream post was inspired by a dream I had last night. In the dream both of my sisters (or the equivalent there of) are planning something that has something to do with me. . .and it is probably not good. This on top of one of their recent email attacks has me concerned. Like I don't already have too much to deal with!!!

I pray for them to find their Hearts instead 
of continuing to add to our pain.  

Web stalker/puppets continue flooding the internet with my birth name  and my titles and interfering with my writings. BUT THIS LETS US KNOW WHO THEY ARE. They also seem to be able to gain access to my accounts even after I change passwords. It appears that they can even alter dates on blogs...etc. I am placing it in God's hands. There is nothing else I can do, at this point.