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Friday, January 4, 2013

A Chip for a Tonsil?

I remember a Dr. Sney telling my mother that her six children had to have their tonsils removed. I remember us being taken, one by one, to the small hospital across from the Hillsborough County Farm, in Goffstown, NH to have it done. 
After that

I remember my sister suddenly getting some nerve or muscle damage in her eye. . .and them calling it a "lazy eye", although it suddenly happened. I remember my little brother suddenly forgetting how to read around 8th or 9th grade...and all of us wondering how he could have gotten that far in school without knowing how to read. . .and none of us realizing that he HAD known how to read and had suddenly and mysteriously forgotten some of the process. I remember. . .

   Were we micro chipped when our tonsils were removed? Simple tests would show the Truth - and find either remaining chips or recent incisions. I say recent incisions, because around 2010, I woke with a weird sore throat and blood trickling down the back of my throat. It felt like my throat had been cut while I was asleep, but that didn't make any sense to me at the time. Now. . .I wonder. Are they inconspicuously removing larger, more detectable microchips that were used on people in the 1960s or 1970s? If so, there will be evidence of recent incisions, and the memory of a sudden unexplainable sore throat, in those whom they have been removed from.

It is a sure thing that mine is not the only family this has happened to. Did you have your tonsils removed in the late 1960s or 1970s, in the Goffstown, New Hampshire area? Would you want to know if you are, or were, walking around with a microchip, which enabled you to be used for technological mind control experimentation?

FYI: It is said that micro chips are no longer needed for more advanced remote mind control technologies to be successful. Can you care to think about what this means for humanity's future if these crimes are not quickly stopped?


Please realize what is happening, because all of humanity is in SERIOUS danger with advanced mind control technologies no longer needing microchips for successful intrusions. This Truly is a Technological Holocaust.

P.S. The hospital this took place in has been since torn down. . .and was on the same grounds as the previous Hillsborough County Nursing Home, which I worked at and felt microwaved at, around 1974.