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Sunday, December 16, 2012

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"A paranoid schizophrenic is someone who has figured out what's going on." by Anonymous 

   Please become aware of technologies, which are being used to harm common individuals, families and communities, because this situation is a serious threat to all of humanity. . .not only to Primary Targeted Individuals.

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The "gang stalking" part of the 8 page version of my "Technological Holocaust" paper had been altered. Its amazing how they can access our computers and/or web forums and make changes to our writings. It seems like the new technologies are made for criminal access. . .and most people are not aware that firewalls...etc., are NOT real protection. I have found this with my phones, usb thingys and digital camera as well. They can alter anything. . .including dates on documents and photos!!! And the pdf files are now being prevented from being printed on a dated internet page. They just change whatever they want to in order to either cover their crimes, discredit us or to possibly give exposure credits to those who will lie for them.

I'm being heavily targeted and am now living in an unheated vehicle, in a frigid New Hampshire. I'm in deep need of enough financial assistance to provide me with safety, protection and the ability to continue my writings - my life's work. Please help me.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

12-18-12: I was heavily hit with microwaves last night! Seemed like I passed out for around 12 hours! Woke with lot of pain in my head. Street lights, in the parking lot I was in, went out just before it began. Am a bit better now, but gang stalking has also been vamped up! No safe place to go. These criminals are like vultures! They zoom in for the kill as soon as they have us weakened. My inner strength is holding up, but. . .

 P.S. I keep trying to resurrect my poetography into a new web page, but my energy levels are so low right now that its a difficult process. . .not to mention the fact that I do not have the correct equipment and am so darn cold all the time that its difficult to concentrate. I even feel cold with coats on inside restaurants. Not sure why. My health is not so well, still. I feel like I need to win the lottery, in order to survive this much longer and get the protection and help I need. Its a long shot, I know, but I'm still hoping. At this time last year, I could not even imagine surviving another year. Little miracles do happen. Perhaps they will keep on coming to me, even if a big one does not happen. 

12-19-12: I am being closely followed everywhere I go. . .and being hit hard with laser and/or microwave weapons. I find myself wondering about the disaster predictions and if they are more fear tactics or if there will indeed be mass destruction on the 21st. If the mass destruction happens, (no matter when). . .I feel to the core of my heart and soul that it will be man made - that it will be instigated by technologies, which can alter the weather and shoot laser beams into the earth to create earthquakes...etc. 
   As for Revelations: It appears that evil forces already do have control of our world and thus far no one is listening to those of us who are trying to stop it. But. . .

"They shine through dark clouds
In clear tones of blue - 
These glowing rays of Hope
That strive to see us through."

   I am praying for the HEART of humanity to be restored. . .as well as the lives of Targeted Individuals. . .mine included. I pray for us to regain Freedom and Liberty from the darkness that is being allowed free reign. Please help pray for this.