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Monday, October 15, 2012

Safety Net Removed

  Since I became completely homeless, I've found important levels of safety, under Wal-mart security cameras, from the groups who have been stalking and harassing me. Lately, this is where I sleep most of the time.
   Yesterday morning I was suddenly surrounded by more than one police car and a woman from the Concord, NH Walmart. . .claiming that I was harassing the employees. . .and stating that I am "no longer allowed on the premises of ANY Walmart". . .as if I am some sort of criminal! Those security cameras can prove that I was not harassing people, though I did catch up to and take a picture of one obvious organized stalking member in the parking lot.  This attack on me is an obvious part of the targeting, with fabrications that successfully removed me from the safety of those security cameras. . .at a time when the local stalking group members have been coming at me full force.
   As I drove away, fear gripped me and I wondered: what will happen to me now? What will they do next? Why is the FBI not helping us? Is it a coincidence that this is happening directly after I had brought reports to the media, the FBI and the Bureau of Homeland Security...etc. Am I being punished for trying to expose this and get help? Since yesterday morning, I fear that I may not be alive much longer. . .or that these criminals will find a way to have me locked up and left unbelieved and unheard by the general public. . .as I hear has been happening to Primary Targeted Individuals through the past few decades.
   I am surprised that I have held up this long. But the past year has taken its toll on me, on every level, and I know that I can not survive this for much longer without protection, law enforcement help and time to heal.

Dear readers, I am in desperate need of financial assistance for my protection and safety. Please read this and let your Heart realize how genuine my plea is. Please help me.

Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Please read and share this site ASAP:

 Dear God, please set us free - restore the Heart of humanity.

10/17/12: Am very sick and not functioning well - heavy microwave hits, feels the same as past lupus flares.  My children are still so severely mind controlled that they just carry on with their (now suddenly happy and wonderful) lives and do not come forward to remember the targetings they experienced or witnessed so that law enforcement can believe or help! They have even gone so far as to aim toward trying to have me institutionalized.  My children would never do this to me on their own accord - I believe that they are victims of severe levels of mind control and are being used against me.  Hitler would be proud of the criminals who do this to us. My situation appears similar to that of most Primary Targeted Individuals, where the criminal goal becomes the psychological and/or physical destruction of witnesses of the crimes being committed.)

I will do my best to keep posting here so that people know I am still alive. . .but when my body dies, please do not cry for me. . .(I will be in a Loving Home) cry for the victims of this Technological Holocaust, who are still stuck here and being tortured. . .with no help and no comfort and no understanding from fellow human beings.

 Feel for them and yourselves until you can care to
stand up and help put an end to this crisis.