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Friday, October 19, 2012

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Remote Mind Control Technologies Perform Lethal Crimes Against Humanity!!!

   I feel that mind control technologies are the most dangerous threat humanity has ever been faced with. . .and are the root cause of MANY global and local problems. This Truly needs to be investigated ASAP. I hear that there are technologies, which can detect the condensed radio waves and microwave energies and I also hear that they may have filters built into them, which prevent detection of the low frequencies that are used for mind control. Put unfiltered detectors into uncontrolled hands, (at times when the criminals are not watching and stopping attacks,) and see what you find!!! Please care to find the Truth.

Please Download and Share this Paper ASAP
 Please print out and save my writings from this blog and the sites listed to the right...etc., As soon as possible. I pray that what is left of my original writings will be allowed to touch the Heart of humanity, although I was not allowed the peace and help I'd have needed, in order to improve upon them.

I do not know how much longer my body can hang in here with the amounts of radiation I am being hit with. When my body dies, please do not cry for me because I will be in a Loving Home. Cry for remaining victims of this Technological Holocaust - those who are still being tortured. . .and have no help, no comfort and no understanding from loved ones - those who's frozen tears still shatter into the painful emptiness that surrounds this cruelest of wars, which freely rages against  defenseless people. Cry for them, and for yourselves, until you can care to stand up and help end to this crisis.

 I am having insights around my children's Souls remaining around 5 or 6 years old, due to the targeting. I believe that this means that the mind control technologies are blocking our inner growth and preventing us from maturing and growing and evolving into all that we were meant to be.
   I feel that the long term consequences of these assaults against humanity will quickly lead to the complete destruction of the Heart and Soul of humanity if it is not stopped. But who is listening to me? I pray you do not wait to see.

In my insights/dreams, my children and I re-unite in a Loving world and are completing the lives we were not allowed to freely live.  There is HOPE. :-)

Dear God, please set us free - restore the Heart of humanity.

In the Event of my body's death: 
Update 2014; I have erased this part of the post, because it contained wishes that can not happen due to my family members being long term unaware mind control victims whom I can not trust to respect my wishes to NOT be cremated and to be buried in the family grave yard. Besides, my father later informed me that the town suddenly decided to ban bodies from being buried in the family's preexisting grave yard unless they are cremated. This sure serves those who target us and want to destroy the evidence that our bodies contain.

P.S.  I made it through October 14, although I'd not thought I would. Such has been the case on many other similar occasions, which only a Primary Targeted Individual can fully understand. I ask that those of you who continue looking for reasons to dig your claws into me and manipulate others against me. . .instead of helping, PLEASE refrain from following this blog and start finding your Hearts.