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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Please Listen to Your Hearts Above all Else

      The day before yesterday, I had headed into the wilderness to attempt a healing retreat and realized, once again, that my needs can not be met while being held under surveillance by local stalking group members and those who continue to hit me with remote directed energy weapons. 
   A part of me knew it was a suicide mission - that going off on my own could leave me vulnerable to being inconspicuously murdered, framed for a crime or abducted by those who target me. . .so, due the last two of these possibilities, I am back on the streets and am in desperate need of financial assistance as quickly as possible.
   More than once I've heard the phrase, "If they wanted to kill you they would have by now." Most of the time, this comes from people who do not realize that the sort of targeting I am struggling to survive is a SLOW cruel murdering with heavy doses of microwave energy. . .with constant surveillance, stalking and occultish psychological harassment (which includes the sabotaging of my writings, businesses, homes, jobs, relationships...etc.). . .and last but not least - with remote electronic torture as well as intrusive brain scanning...etc. Believe it or not, this is far worse than a blatant sudden murder.
   Its continuous torture that leaves a person with no way to recover, no way to escape and no help from relatives or friends. Sudden murder, although it has been tried in ways that would look like an accident, a heart attack or a lung infliction, is not the primary thing I need protection from. Your help could prevent me from having to endure further physical and psychological torture. Your help could give me a safe place to live and the ability to obtain law enforcement help. Your help could help me to get my own feet back under me and regain my balance. Your help could save my life and help me to keep helping the rest of humanity. I need your financial help more than words can express. This is a genuine plea.  I pray that at least one person, who has the means, will quickly find the Heart to listen to their deeper instincts above what is being projected into their minds. So. . .once again:

 I am in desperate need of financial assistance for my own protection and safety
and to help bring awareness to the rest of humanity. Please help me.

   Those who can't help, but want to, can periodically buy $2 or $1 lottery tickets for me or send a small amount weekly or take up collections from others. Though I need a lot to get me out of this situation and protect me from further harm, little bits of help can keep me hanging on and sort of surviving.
FYI: The past offers for housing, which I've refused, are NOT a reflection of  "refusing help" in general. I just can not live with anyone who has been or may be (knowingly or unknowingly) taking part in the abuses I'm still fighting to survive. I must protect myself. I also do not want to put anyone else in danger of becoming a victim of remote mind control technologies. Financial help is the kind of help I need. PLEASE understand this.

I remain in my situation because those who want to help can't and  old friends and acquaintances whom I turn to for help seem to continue expecting that someone else or my family should help me. I know of no one else to turn to and no one who truly believes and understands the severity of my situation!
P.S. My X boss - the one who had financially helped me a little bit, now informs me that he is undergoing TWO audits (IRS and Fuel) AFTER his business has been suddenly destroyed due to what appeared to be "someone getting payed off" to use a different trucking company. You may say its another coincidence and that he is not getting targeted. But, as I said before. . .too many "coincidences" add up to something wrong. And there have already been WAY too many coincidences like this for me to not feel that those who help me or support my publications are being targeted.

   I feel that I am not being targeted due to "not being in the Light" or "not being connected to God...etc.," as some people have been suggesting. These degrading comments seem to come from jealousy or from stalking group members who aim to make me feel bad about myself. Though I certainly have a lot of growing to do, and though I feel hurt by some of these judgements, in my heart I know that. . .
Love and Light being on my side
Is the only reason I'm still alive.
(Believe it or not)

   As we grow closer to the LIGHT we are often dealt greater challenges - are more heavily targeted by dark forces. This is depicted in many historic documents. Its the darkness that wants you to believe that we do not deserve help or do not really need it. Its the darkness that wants all of us to believe that "only those who have money and an easy life are blessed by or connected to the Highest Powers...etc."  Please let enough Light into your own Hearts to realize this. And please check out this publication: http://www.heartbud.com/heartbud2.pdf

 P.S.S. It appears that changes were made to a page of my last two papers: the page entitled "The Secret Criminal Part of Our Own Societies..." had (I believe) listed the organized stalking group intentions to  destroy a person through constant stalking and occultish harassment - through rumors and manipulations to destroy relationships, businesses, jobs...etc., and eventually (after isolating their victim) through framings for incarceration or institutionalization. . .if not through an inconspicuous murder...etc.

   I've had multiple people try to convince me that all we need to do is pray or focus on bringing more Light into the world, in order to end this holocaust. Though these things ARE needed, the FULL TRUTH is that we also need to take action on physical levels. (If you knew that a rapist was aiming for a child, and you could physically warn the parents or bring that child to safety, would you only retreat to pray. . .or would you aim to bring the child to safety??? If you were standing next to a cement block, which was about to fall on an unaware bystander, would you grab the block or turn away and pray for it not to hit him???!!! The answer is obvious.) SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!!! USING SPIRITUALITY AS AN EXCUSE FOR ENABLING THESE CRIMES IS UTTERLY RIDICULOUS! WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION IN BETWEEN THOSE TIMES WHEN WE PRAY. There is no other way.

10/5/2012: Last night I was repeatedly shot with some sort of laser weapon. It aimed for my heart and when I felt the pain spreading through my chest I moved and shielded my chest with my arms and the pain then penetrated my stomach. When I shielded that it went to my lower abdomen and then my head. I was unconscious for at least 12 hours and woke with a severe head ache. These sorts of things have happened more times than I can now count. Each time, I do not know if I will live or die or end up with permanent brain damage. There have been a few divine interventions, but I truly need protection ASAP. Please help me.

10/6/2012: These lyrics to God - Love/Light touched my heart. (I erased teh video because of being unsure of who it was posted by and its origins. The lyrics were nice though.)

10/8/2012: Though I had a 36+- hour break from electronic attacks, this morning I woke with sharp shooting pains going into the right/back side of my head and was seeing a large yellow blotch with my left eye for a few hours. Also, a van tried backing into me and then pulled out to pass me in the brake down lane - cutting me into oncoming traffic! Close call. But I was lucky.

10/9/2012: I am on another crusade - passing info to pertinent places. Around 11am I handed information about mind control technologies and the targeting I am undergoing to the Concord Monitor for the third time. At noon I handed info to a reluctant woman at the Bedford FBI office...etc. The higher level puppet vultures seem to be following me around and trying to interfere. I understand that this seems useless at this point, but I am still being stalked and heavily targeted. Please check out this site: http://www.surveillanceissues.com/

   Like I recently told someone who demanded that I stop passing out literature, "I have no incentive to stop. My life is already mostly destroyed and I have already lost (one way or the other) literally EVERY person I love. . .and there seems no way for me to recover the life I'd lead before being heavily targeted. (I had owned my own home (with no mortgage) and ran my own businesses, and had a good relationship with my daughters...etc., at that time.) Can the criminals who target me COMPLETELY stop the targeting and give me back ALL that has been cruelly torn from me. . .and can they stop harming the rest of humanity with secret remote mind control technologies and microwave energy weapons? If either answer is no, why would I stop helping people to become aware and why would I stop asking for help for myself?" Seriously!
   Its my love for my children and family of origin that drives me: Its my respect for the sacredness of our soul's growth that drives me: Its the pain of everything I've lost, and everything I've been forced to endure, that drives me. Its my shock over the incomprehensible levels of cruelty, which a defenseless and unaware populous is being manipulated, mutilated or destroyed with, that drives me. Its my DEEP concern for humanity's future that drives me...etc.
An excerpt from Jim Keith's book

Please read and share this website and its contents ASAP.