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Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Cry for Humanity as I Cry for me

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Sometimes I feel like I cry for all of humanity as I cry for those of us who are separately going through hell together. Sometimes my pain runs so deep that I shift into shocked numbness. A part of me wants to scream, "HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING. . .AND FREELY CONTINUING!!!?!!!" And I am wondering, "How many unaware Targeted Individuals are being secretly murdered, framed for crimes they did not commit or cruelly institutionalized for seeing the Truths?" and "Have we already COMPLETELY lost our freedom?" I can no longer think of humanity's future, through what surrounds me, without tears filling my eyes. This just can not be!

Dear God, please set us free - restore the Heart of humanity.

  I hope there is not too big of a distraction set up to drag NH reporter's attention (or trust) away from the information I just gave them about Remote Mind Control Technologies. 

 The web puppets/stalkers have created so much chaos and confusion on the web that its difficult to know who to trust. (A big part of their lethal game) So, I hope that those of you whom I have unfairly distrusted can understand and forgive me. . .as I forgive those who have done the same to me. The criminals who orchestrate this are the only ones we can rightfully hold responsible. Because I have all that I can handle to be just surviving every day, I am not remaining in touch with most of you. Please understand and know that my thoughts and prayers and heart are still with ALL of us.

 I am having to remind myself of the poem I wrote for other Targeted Individuals: 

Don't Give up

Don't ever think we will not escape,
Or that our rescue will remain too late.
Don't give them the power. Don't let them win.
Don't let hope fade. Don't give up again.
Cast aside their darkness and let the Light sing.
Climb up on their stones and raise your broken wing.

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