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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sometimes. . .

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(Hopefully it has not been changed by those who target me)

Disbelief Continues to Enable
Lethal Crimes Against Humanity!!!

I feel that mind control technologies are the most dangerous threat humanity has ever been faced with. . .and are the root cause of MANY global and local problems. This Truly needs to be investigated ASAP. 

Sometimes I feel shocked and overwhelmed by the magnitude of this holocaust. Seriously! Remote mind control, and microwave weapon, technologies freely allowed to remain in the hands of those who obviously have no respect for our basic human rights or the sacredness of life and the growth of our souls...etc.!!! (The NH license plate - "Live free or die" is sadly starting to make more sense to me.)

Sometimes I feel angry that no one is even trying to protect us - that Primary Targeted Individuals have been crying out for help, from local law enforcement on up to the president and human rights associations in other countries. . ., with absolutely no results that I know of.

Sometimes I feel lost in the darkness that these criminals surround and blast me with. Its being vamped up lately! It seems like they are zooming in for the final kill and I know that my body does not have the strength to remain alive much longer. I am in constant physical pain and I am now suffering the results of the last biological attack, which happened at a Library a few days ago. My throat still burns from what I breathed in...etc. My hope to reach safety and protection in this lifetime is basically gone.

Sometimes I feel hurt beyond words. I carry an indescribable pain that cuts deep into my soul - the pain of being so severely misjudged, betrayed, abandoned, neglected and carelessly cast away by literally everyone I love and knew. . .and the pain of all the mistakes I too have made. (Perhaps I deserve nothing more than this.)  I understand the brain washing stuff, but it hurts just the same. If God were not there I'd have absolutely no one to turn to.

Oh God, PLEASE stop criminal use of the technologies and restore the Heart of humanity.


P.S. I did stop smoking. :-) Not because I have the courage to do such a thing at a time like this, but because I am so sick that they no longer even appeal to me.