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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Symptoms of Microwave Targeting

These symptoms are for heavily Targeted Individuals.

   Heavily targeted individuals experience symptoms that range from periods of unusual or repetitive thoughts and mood swings, diminished hearing and eye sight, head and body pains, diminished eye sight and hearing. . .to painful levels of electronic torture delivered with laser and microwave weapons. Long term experiment cases can have unusual tooth decay, ridges on finger nails, chains of unusual medial problems, unusual discord between family members...etc.

Each time I try to perfect this list I get targeted more heavily. Yesterday (9-23-2014) I experienced microwaves shot into my brain through the whole day, as I tried to fix this post. The memory problems this creates makes it VERY difficult.

  The most dangerous long term effects are interference with our process of personal and spiritual growth and the loss of our freedom. The ramifications of allowing this to continue are almost unspeakable! And worse than this is happening.

   Heavily targeted individuals are reported to experience symptoms that range from periods of unusual stress, mental confusion, forgetfulness, unusual or repetitive thoughts and mood swings, immune system problems, diminished hearing and eye sight, body bloating, dehydration, unusual head and body aches, diminished eye sight and hearing and blocked emotions. . .to symptoms that mimic schizophrenia, nervous breakdowns, brain damage, blindness, paralysis...etc. (Severe victims can be forced into things like
lethal shootings at schools or navy yards.) Long term experiment cases can also have unusual tooth decay, ridges on finger nails, chains of unusual medial problems. Unusual discord between family members.

These are the most common symptoms I get when I'm hit hard with microwaves and what appears to be laser beams of electromagnetic frequencies shot into my brain and other parts of my body. The worst of these were happening from around 2001 through 2011.

Sudden bloating of my whole body
Hair loss (more than the norm)
Hearing loss (off and on)
Ringing in ears (very high pitch from mild to severe)
Blurred eye sight (off and on)
Altered depth perception (during severe attacks)
Sun sensitivity (during severe attacks)
Sluggish mental activity (Sometimes severe)
Memory loss (sometimes severe and mostly short term memory)
Emotionally numb
Uncharacteristic Anger (sudden bouts around times of inflicted trauma)
Physical Fatigue (sometimes debilitating. I get this a LOT!)
Nausea (sudden rounds of it during heavy attacks)
Sudden onset of sinus problems (without infection or cold and with dark circles under eyes)
Shortness of breath (sudden and unexplainable - often with the fatigue)
Dizziness (sudden rounds of it during severe attacks)
Sudden sweating (sudden heat rushes in body or head)
Body feeling feverish but temp way below normal (96 to 97)
Sharp shooting pains into head (Often on top of head and around ears and temples)
Deep pain down right side of back of head (often forming a knot at base of skull)
A Lot of heat in head (like it is burning up (even hot to the touch) but with no fever)
Pain behind right eye and eyebrow (gets intense!)
Gums swelling and teeth bleeding and hurting
Burning sensation in mouth (sometimes a metallic taste)
Tingling in body (usually in nose, rectum and pubic area)
 Stings: Sudden stinging sensations (as if being bit by a bee, though there is no bee)
Pain in joints and muscles (sudden rounds of)
Intestinal problems (including elimination problems from one extreme to other for no apparent reason)
Sudden spells of fluttering in my heart (racing and skipped beats for no apparent reason)
Heart beat vibrating through whole body (often with the fatigue and shortness of breath)
Lupus - Elevated SED rate (Severe in 2006.)
Morgellons disease
Sudden rounds of severe chest pain (for no medical reason)
Malfunctioning of technology (Since 1970s, watches computers and vehicle electronics malfunction)

More is listed below
Also see more on www.targetedinamerica.com

New page on Morgellons

I'm sure to be forgetting some things, but this the bulk of what comes to mind right now. They never happen all at once. I get sudden rounds of different things, which can mysteriously stop as quickly as they started.

    Lately I am also getting unusual levels of deformity and pain in my hands. This accelerated after I received a message that showed a man pointing a gun with words that said, "A keyboard and a 45." (I perceive this as a threat to stop writing - to just fall into silent acceptance of these crimes against humanity.) It sometimes feels like my hands are being lasered. . .and my upper right arm as well.

Here are a couple pics of growths that are forming in my fingers. Notice that my pinky is getting larger than my other finger. This is not swelling. Its a growth that is spreading, like the one that is partly shown in the second finger I show here. (The one in the second finger started a while back, but has suddenly grown a lot lately and I can no longer fully straighten my finger.)

I have also experienced periods of biological warfare that effects my lungs with sudden burning and pain followed by chocking up globs of flem that has little black spots in it. Sometimes its a sudden burning in my nose and lungs (as if I just breathes in something) that is followed by flu symptoms. This has happened at times when I was not sick and had no other symptoms before the sudden attacks.
    I have experienced something put on toilet paper that burns my skin...etc. There is more but this is enough for now.

YUP. Lets give this a bit of time and see if someone can declare these as symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia. . .or pedophilia or murderers or thieves or drug addicts or some other criminal label, so that nobody will ever know that these symptoms are caused by Secret Remote Directed Energy Weapons and that there are sly satanic criminals out there, who are targeting us. But then some people do not need medical diagnosis, because they seem comfortable with just pulling one out of the air as long as it makes us look bad or unbelievable or like we are exaggerating. . .or what ever.

  Actually I am just faking it. I mean. . .wouldn't anyone love to be experiencing this!

Sorry for the sarcasm. 

Well. . .maybe I'm not sorry, because I don't even want to hold it back right now, because I need to vent. I'm not doing very well. The short break from this crap has made it feel worse since I'm getting blasted again. And, believe it or not, I value my hands and my health and my freedom and my life, so this bothers me. Wouldn't it bother you?

Other Symptoms

Targeted Individuals often get different physical symptoms. I have not had some of the following symptoms, but I've either witnessed them or have heard of them through other Targeted Individuals. (most of the symptoms are medically unexplainable)

Unauthorized Surveillance Symptoms: Feeling like we are being watched when there appears to be no body there.

Dehydration: Often severe even when consuming a lot of fluids.

Birth Defects: I have read reports that a targeted pregnant woman can have a child with a minor heart defects. One of my children was born with a minor heart defect and four breasts. I was told by a doctor that I have a problem with a valve in my heart. . .but then another doctor told me that I didn't. Its hard to determine since some doctors are part of the criminal operation. I have recently been told that two of my brothers also have minor heart defects. I fully believe that my mother was a Targeted Individual.

Symptoms that Mimic Mental Illness: Victims can experience sudden mood swings and feel anxious -  like they know something horrible is happening to them, but can not figure out what it is. Victims and/or their loved ones can easily assume it is a "mental illness" due to lack of awareness of remote mind control technologies. And, sadly, some doctors are more than happy to prescribe medications that aid the complete success of said technologies.  Hearing voices that are sneakily technologically projected are common. (These voices can also be projected to people who are near the target, in order to make them think the target is saying foul things...etc.)

Misdiagnosis: Falsely labeling Targeted Individuals as "mentally ill" is almost the worst part of this, because it forces 'help' in ways that are NOT needed and completely prevents help in the ways that are DESPERATELY needed.

Brain Farts: (lol gotta hold onto my sense of humor!) Intrusions into our brains can cause interrupted thoughts or speech.

Nerve Irritation or Damage: Periods altered depth perception, eye sight and hearing. . .also numbness in lips, face or right arm, unusual head aches, bouts of small sharp pains shooting into head, deep pain behind right eye and eye brow, pain down back right side of head, muscle or nerve twitching in eyes or other parts of face, burning sensation in mouth, aching teeth and swollen gums...etc.

Seizures: Sudden seizures for no medical reason.

Neurological Problems: Sudden unexplainable neurological problems, which can range from mild numbness in various parts of body. . .to sudden brain damage with severe altercations to speech and motor skills.

Forced Speech: Saying things and not knowing why you said them and sometimes even sudden episodes of gibberish talk - making no sense (rare)

 Dreams with Unusual Messages: Psychotronic weapons can project dreams into our brains.

Personality Change: Slow or sudden altered belief systems, taste, desires, preferences, values, morals ...etc.

Sudden Onset of Unusual Physical Injuries: Injuries seem to suddenly happen almost on their own. Things like sprained ankles, joint problems and slipped discs can be remotely inflicted.

Tumorous Growths: These may or may not be cancerous.

Birth Defects: A targeted pregnant woman can have a child with a minor heart defects (like I did in 1982)

Blocked Hearts: Long term Mind Control Victims often become selfish, egotistical and uncaring toward others. (This is evident in the families of Primary Targeted Individuals.)

Sudden medically unexplainable neurological symptoms (brain injury for no apparent reason)

Cataracts at an unusually young age
Unusual lung problems
Unusual cellulite accumulations
Sudden unusual mental blocks with certain things
Joint problems and back problems
Suddden Unexplainable Pains
Sudden unusual obsessions (either for or against someone or something)
Unusual rounds of anger (usually at strategic times)
Unusual onsets of cravings for sugar and unhealthy foods
V2K  ( technologically projected voices to make victim appear mentally ill.)
Sexual stimulation that does not feel natural
Depression or sudden onset of mood swings (which do not match feelings)
Unusual weight gain or loss (This can be sudden and severe)
Sudden unexplainable open sores on body
Thoughts that feel unnatural
Mental confusion
High pitched ringing in ears (This is often very faint)
Morgeloins disease (Probably spelled wrong)

Find other symptoms on
Find more on  www.targetedinamerica.com/symptoms.html

Most general Targeted Individuals do not even realize they are being targeted. When we start realizing that we are being targeted, and start talking about it, we become inflicted with severe levels of psychological harassment, from organized stalking groups, in efforts to make our testimonies sound like we only have "paranoid schizophrenia" or whatever. . . so that no one will believe us and the criminals can continue freely targeting us. Until people start realizing what is happening the criminals will probably continue their success with destroying our lives. Please help expose and stop these crimes.

We are unheard victims lost beneath their lies.
We are the tortured ones put on a list to die.
We are rising wounded begging for your aide
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade. 

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