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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Tears

   Sometimes, when I reach this point where I feel like I can not take anymore, I cry. . .and my tears feel like they pour from a river that flows from all innocent Targeted Individuals. God! How can this be happening to us and why is it being allowed to continue, especially in countries that stand for freedom. . .countries like America?!!!? Answers do not come and hope sometimes fades into trenches of despair as I grope for protection that is not there. Some of us are dieing, some of us are missing, some of us are lost, some of us are hanging on and looking for a reason, an explanation. . .an end that still shows no sign of beginning.

Praying for a miracle that can end this holocaust.
Please help pray for us - for all of humanity.

Keeping Hope Alive with Faith that Light/Love will win.

Download a Public Notice paper;
(print it out and pass it to as many people as you can.)