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Friday, July 13, 2012

Missed Film Interview

   Yesterday was my pre-scheduled interview with man who is doing a  movie exposing injustices. I did not get to it due to being heavily targeted from the 9th through late yesterday. I shut my phone off and drove up the coast looking for relief. I do not know how much help the movie will give to Targeted Individuals, since its focus is mainly on the judicial system, but I'd have liked to give it a chance. I'm glad to hear from Bill that at least four targeted individuals have made it to interviews. And the saga continues. . .until a miracle happens.
I've just had four months in a room, where it had been difficult for most organized stalking games to remain unnoticed. . .unless I went to a store...etc. (A few of them remained VERY close by through my stay here.) Though the gang stalking and harassment had been less in these months, I got so much interference from remotely directed energy that I've not been able to do much. However I feel that, over all, I regained some of my strength and sanity and am thankful for that. I do not know what will happen next. I'm moving into my car and doing the best I can to keep the faith that the Light will shine around some future bend. Until then I'll look within.

   The perpetrators of this crisis can do some shady manipulations with technologies, emails, cell phones and even through leaving phone messages using recordings of a victim's voice. It appears that they can actually send emails and phone calls, which appear to be from the victim's email or phone. Through technologies that most of us are not aware of, it is said that these criminals are able to remotely project voices that can be heard only by the person they are aimed at and can say anything they want to project. This can be used to make a victim feel like they are going insane or to make people around the victim think the victim has said something he/she has not really said. I hear that these voices CAN be recorded. But with most people being unaware that such a thing can even be done from an unseen distance, can you imagine the psycho games that can be played? It seems that they can transmit odors also. There is not much that they can not do and our lack of awareness of these technologies is what enables their success. This is VERY sick and dangerous stuff! Educate yourself. Please.

Please help spread the word - download this "Public Notice"
Print it out and pass it to as many people as you can.

   Still getting a lot of hits from Russia on this blog. Feels like there is something to this. There may be more foreign involvement with this holocaust than most of us realize. Could it be true that they WANT us to think it is ONLY the USA government that is performing these crimes against humanity? I feel concerned that the parts of our government, that are not involved, may be becoming unaware victims of the mind control technologies.