My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, July 2, 2012

Losing Hand

   I'd been referred to a company for a job, and had been excited, since last friday, when I first inquired about it. This was a difficult step for me to take. I'd gathered up the strength to try again, even though my own businesses were sabotaged and multiple other jobs have already been sabotaged and my health is not well.  Over the weekend I'd convinced myself that perhaps this is the job that could not be sabotaged and could not be used as an opportunity to try to set me up for a crime or whatever. . .and could sustain me until other doors opened.
   This morning, as I sat talking to the assistant manager in this company, the door to his office was suddenly opened by a woman who interrupted with a gruff, "What's going on here?" I didn't recognize her until she coldly said, "I'm your relative."
   It turned out that the general manager of this company is my X husband's current wife - a woman who appeared to have aided the failure of my last attempt to pull my own children into a fight to end the targeting of BOTH of them and I. She is one of many who have judged and labeled me instead of caring to look into the situation I am in, which has helped to hurt all of us. This is also the woman who taught my children how to look down on me for not having "money"or a "real job"  while being targeted - slandered, stalked, struggling with Lupus...etc. What are the odds of someone like her being the manager of a company I was referred to?
As I drove away my tears slowly realized that I'd just lost another job - another opportunity - another chance to climb back onto my feet. I cried. . .and then foolishly sad down to do a video while also being microwaved. (This is the only video I've done and, to the trained eye, the microwaving is obvious in some of my statements and behaviors, but to anyone else I'd probably look nuts.)

The cards were stacked against me from the start. . .by coincidence or by covert manipulation. I'll probably never know for sure which one.