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Friday, June 1, 2012

Targeted in America

I have created a new web site.

New Memory: (Updated 2014) My uncle worked for the FBI. I have wondered if he was involved, but am now wondering if FBI families are being targeted, because I know of two agents whose wives and/or children appear to be being targeted. Am I being targeted due to my Uncles job? I wish I knew the Truth.

P.S. If people continue judging me and wrongly labeling me, they will continue failing to SEE the Truths and fail to address the REAL issues here. And if this continues to happen to Primary Targeted Individuals, the crimes could grow and ALL of humanity could suffer. I pray for Light to shine into this situation.

I am still getting severe interference with this blog and other internet forums. Still praying for peace and protection for us all. I hope they find their hearts.